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Kick Satan Out of Your Thoughts

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DAY 31 – March 11th – Do You Deserve Grace?

Scriptures:     Ephesians. 2:1–10; Mark 1:35

Clara continues as Elizabeth squirms, “God gives us grace and He helps us to give it to others even when they do not deserve it.”*

Do you deserve grace? Think about the times that our Holy God has given you grace instead of the judgment you deserve. Do not write them down, because if you have asked for forgiveness they are gone—wiped away—as far as the east is from the west! He has erased them, so do not dare re-write them. Just praise and thank Him for His grace and mercy.*

Write down names and ways you need to give grace to others, even though they have not asked for it or deserve it (Ephesians. 2:1–10).* (Kathy Branzell)


  • Praise God for grace and mercy.
  • Pray that the church will grow in love, grace and mercy to impact the community and the world.
  • Pray that individual and corporation intercession and prayer will increase in you and among the members of Messiah.
  • Thank God that He has established that His church will be called a house of prayer for all nations. Pray that Messiah will be the kind of house of prayer that pleases Christ.
  • Pray for the Intercessory Prayer Ministry. Call them by name. Pray that they will effectively and boldly mobilize, lead, train and encourage others in individual and corporate prayer.


Linda Fegins, The Prayer Leader 3/9/2016

DAY 32– March 12th – Kick Satan Out of Your Thoughts: Jesus Defeated Him


Scriptures:     2 Corinthians 10:3–5; Matthew 11:15


During Elizabeth’s fierce stand against Satan as she throws him out of her life, marriage, and home, she promptly fills the space where Satan’s schemes and lies had filled her mind with truth from God’s Word. “My joy does not come from my friends . . . my job, or even my husband,” She declares. “My joy is found in Jesus!” Then she reminds the devil—“in case he had forgotten”—that Jesus has defeated him!*

It is vital to kick Satan and his wrong thinking out of our thoughts, but we must replace that space with Truth. Take every thought captive! Write down scriptural truth in the areas that Satan had you believing lies (2 Corinthians 10:3–5).* (Kathy Branzell)


  • Pray for an increase in your desire to consistently pray for others.
  • Pray for an increase in your ability to see the good in others, for a deep sense of care for the well being of others and for confidence that your prayers will make a difference in their lives.
  • Thank the Holy Spirit for His ability and willingness to purify our prayers and to help us when we don’t know how to pray very well (Romans 8:26).
  • Pray for Pastor Littlejohn and Sister Cheryl.
  • Pray for Governor Snyder, Mayor Duggan and the City Council.

Lina Fegins, The Prayer Leader

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Warriors Fight On Their Knees :Day 26/27 of 40 Day Prayer Journey


DAY 26 – March 6th – Warriors Fight on Their Knees

Scriptures: Psalm 69:13; 1 Thessalonians 5:17


Clara continues in prayer, “Raise up warriors who will fight on their knees.”


Sometimes the most difficult part of the fight is to stay on our knees. In our impatience or pride, we may think that we have diagnosed the problem and know just how to fix things. But the truth is that we don’t know what we don’t know. Only God knows every detail—the past, present, and even the future. Only God knows the intention of the heart and mind behind the decision and situation, who the victim is and where the fault really belongs.*


Staying on our knees keeps us from charging in and making the situation worse in our ignorance. Write down your prayer requests and ask God to give you insight and instructions. In situations where you feel anger, frustration, or other negative feelings, ask God to deal with your emotions and attitudes. Stay on your knees and ask the questions, “What does love require? Are my desires self-serving or God-serving?”*

 It is Day 26 of the 40 Day Prayer Journey. Keep pressing in  praying and studying God’s Word.

Write down how you would want to be treated if the tables were turned. Would you be willing to change the tire of the man who wanted you thrown in jail? God can only raise you up if you are willing to stay down on your knees in humble prayer (Psalm 69:13).*(Kathy Branzell)



  • Repent of failing to show acts of kindness to those who mistreat or offend us or our love ones.
  • Repent of withholding mercy and love out of judgment and vengeance.
  • Pray that believers and you grow in grace, mercy and love to make an impact in the lives of others and in the world.
  • Pray that the fruit of the spirit will abound in you and in and through the church.
  • Pray for the physically disabled. Pray that they will be surrounded with loving friends and family; for physical stamina and healing; for financial burdens of therapy and special care, and that they will love and honor God.

 Linda Fegins, The Prayer Leader

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 DAY 27 – March 7th – Help People

Scriptures: Psalm 31:1–5; Matthew 25:35-40


Michael tells Tony, “Yeah, I’m a paramedic. But I’m also a Christian, which means I help people while I am helping people.”


Pray about how you can live out being a Christian where ever your work, whatever the circumstances, however hard it may be to speak the truth with love. Write down some positions/ titles you hold and profess: “I’m a mom/dad, CEO, nurse, IT expert, executive, grandparent, educator, coach, etc., but most importantly, I’m a Christian, which means I ______________ while I am __________.*


Ask God to permeate every relationship and responsibility in your life. Write down and pray about specific situations where it is difficult to be a Christian. Ask God to give you courage, strength and steadfastness do His will, no matter what (Psalm 31:1–5).*(Kathy Branzell)



  • Pray to grow in faith and to surrender to the Holy Spirit as a powerful demonstration of His love and power.
  • Pray to walk in God’s grace as members of the body of Christ and to demonstrate His love, mercy, grace, and power to the world.
  • Pray for homeless people. Pray for immediate relief, shelter, food and health care; that Christ will restore hope for the future. Pray for protection from the risks of life on the streets for the homeless and for employment, housing and restored family life.
  • Pray for your co-workers especially the difficult ones. Pray that God will give you divine appointments to witness to those who do not know the Lord.
  • Pray for your neighbors. Pray for God’s peace to be upon those who live on your street or in your housing complex. Ask God to give you an opportunity to witness to them about God’s love.


Linda Fegins , The Prayer Leader 2/2/2016


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Demonstrate God’s Grace – Prayer Journey to Life Transformation

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DAY 29 – March 12 Demonstrate God’s Grace
40 Day Prayer Journey to Life Transformation

We have been pressing through these 40 days of prayer and repentance. How have you been challenged, growing, laying aside weights and sin, and being renewed toward transformation? God is love and He wants us to demonstrate that love in our relationships with the “saved” and those who do not know Jesus Christ personally. We should live as a demonstration of His love, grace, mercy and truth so that we will glorify Him and that someone may be saved through Him. Invite the Holy Spirit to search your heart to reveal areas where transformation needs to occur in you, and in the church. Today on this 29th Day let us walk in the grace of God and show grace to others.

Scriptures: John 1:14-18; Acts 4:32-33; 11:19-24; 14:1-7, 21-28; 1 Peter 4:7-11

Repent: Of not walking in the love and grace that God has bestowed upon you; of receiving grace but not demonstrating grace to others; of not walking in the grace He give us to live a life of power and testimony that glorifies Him. Of___________________________________. (Fill in the blanks).

Receive: Grace to live according to His commands and His call upon our lives; His grace to be and to do all that He requires of us to do to bless others, to build up His Kingdom and to glorify Him.

• Confess to the Lord the ways you have not walked in love and grace with the lost, your neighbor and family members.
• Pray for you and the church to receive a fresh revelation of the marvelous grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.
• Pray that you learn to see grace as a gift we have received and are to bestow freely upon others and that you are generous to bestow grace to others as you have freely received.
• That restoration of graciousness in our attitude, speech and actions will be demonstrated in you and will permeate the church.
• Ask the Lord to do a work in your heart that will release you from any spirit, thought or unforgiveness that blocks your relationship with those who do not know Jesus Christ, your neighbor and family members.
• Praise God that He is gracious, full of compassion and abounding in mercy; that we are recipients of His saving, redeeming, and delivering grace.

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40 Day Prayer Journey by Grace for Life Transformation Day 3

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As mentioned yesterday on Day 2 of Lent, pursuing God during the Lenten Season in a 40 Day Prayer Journey By Grace for Life Transformation involves fasting and praying and a word we don’t like “repentance. Repentance is important to God. It is God’s design for healing and restoration, so we cannot view it as optional during this journey. ” See Reflection and Repentance During Lent.

So even if it’s uncomfortable, even painful if we are honest, continue to take the time to reflect on and pray about what you started yesterday. Let’s examine our lives and see how we measure up to His standard of repentance. You may even need to just meditate on and review the scriptures from yesterday posted in the above article.

DAY 3 – February 15 – Seeking the Lord with a Clean Heart

Scriptures: Deut. 4:39-40 ; 2 Chron. 7:12-16 ; Heb. 11:6 Psalm 66: 18-19 ; Mark 11: 25-26

Repent: Of not consistently seeking after the Lord to know Him, His ways, and His will. Repent of seeking after the ways and approval of man.

Repent: Of failing to forgive another and holding malice in your heart. Or repent if you know that you have offended or hurt someone.

Reflect: Is there any area in your life about which you need to release bitterness, or have refused to forgive someone or sinful areas which you need to release.

Receive: Forgiveness and ask for a sincere and diligent heart to know the Lord, to see His face and to walk with in communion.

• Ask God to search your heart and to reveal to you any sin for which you need to seek forgiveness.
• For a deeper prayer relationship with Christ through prayer.
• Pray for your enemies and ask God to release you from any unforgiveness.
• Confess any sin that the Spirit brings to your attention.
• Forgive and pray for those who have offended you and hurt you.
• Thank God for His mercy and grace through repentance.
• Ask god to give you a fresh understanding of His character and His holiness.
• Pray for unity in the Spirit in our church family and for reconciliation where people are at odds.
• Pray that the gospel may reach, touch and renew the hearts and minds of people without hope in our world today.
• Intercede for family members, friends and neighbors that they may began to seek to know God and have a desire to walk and talk with Him.
• Pray for the community and our city to turn from wicked ways and to seek the Lord.
• Pray for those who are unemployed and those burdened by debt.

By Linda Fegins, The Prayer Leader 2013 .

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