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Remember to Pray For Our Soldiers and the Families of Fallen Soldiers

I love the television series “Army Wives” which focuses on the wives and families of soldiers. I watch it faithfully and set my dvr to record the series. For the last few years my heart has developed a compassion and burden for soldiers, especially women soldiers, fighting to protect our country in uncomfortable, dangerous and uncertain circumstances 24/7. Men and women endure long seperations from familiy and children and other challenges inherent to military service. If I hear of an incident or watch a story about soldiers I begin to pray for them. It is outrageous for physically and mentally wounded soldiers to come home and have to fight for benefits from injuries suffered from serving the country. My concern and compassion has nothing to do with any opinion I may have about the war in Afghanistan or Iraq or anywhere. That is another subject.

A young lady from my church just joined the military services. Kathryn, a once quiet shy child who barely spoke a word outloud, wants to be a vetenarian. She has grown into a blooming young woman in the Lord. She was beginning to let her light shine and was becoming more outgoing by leading the choir in song and praying out loud before others. I pray the Lord’s protection of her and that she will achieve her educational goals. How many of our young adults are bravely joining the military services?

Yes, we should take the time on Memorial Day to remember and honor our fallen soldiers ,as their families must think of them every day. Every day let’s lift up prayers for the courageous troops and their families who are actively serving our country each day, not only across the world in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere but, within our borders as well. The soldier place themselves in harm’s way for you and me.

Remember Women Fallen Soldiers Marine Cpl. Romona M. Valdez

Prayers for Servicemen and Service women(soldier)- Military-Armed Forces
• Pray for discernment and protection from the United States’ enemies that are among us, even as others plot against us from afar.

• Pray for the protection of our troops. May the soldier turn to You for rest and protection. Keep them safe from all hidden dangers, deadly diseases and accidents.

• Lord may the soldier not fear the guns of the night and may you hide them under Your protective wings and given them the discernment of how to escape the enemy.(Psalm 91:1-11) .Lord send your angels to protect them wherever they go and to help fight the enemy. Lord God help them fight the battle.

• Lord may the soldier experience Your mercy and compassion as they arise each morning. The Word states you are a faithful Father and that Your mercy and compassion never fails; they are new every morning. ( Lamentations 3:21-23)

• You are the Almighty and loving Father at the same time. Lord grant the soldier strength to carry out his or her duties. Lord give them endurance , courage and wisdom of how to use their skills to overcome adversity, and how to outwit the enemy. Lord when they are feeling weary I pray that look to You from where all their help comes from and that he or she knows that You can mount them up with wings like eagles so they can walk and not get weary. ( Isaiah 40:31).

• Lord I pray that he or she knows you as Lord and Saviour. Open their eyes so that they know the love of God for them.

• Lord I pray for the families of the servicemen and servicewomen while they are away from home. I pray for the children who miss their parents. Lord provide for their needs, comfort them and keep them.
• God you are a Healer. You are the Great Physician who can heal hearts, minds, broken bones, gun shot wounds and broken relationships. Heal servicemen and servicewomen who are suffering from mental and emotional problems , trauma and painful memories. Restore their minds and emotions. Lord we pray that the soldier receive all the benefits to which he or she is entitled.

• Pray for those who have lost a loved one in battle. These grieving families have paid the ultimate price. Lord comfort those who have lost friends and family members. Lord protect them and allow them to receive the necessary benefits they deserve.

• Scriptures to build faith for comfort and protection
• II Chronicles 32:6-8
• Psalm 57:1
• Psalm 59:1
• Proverbs 2:8
o Psalm 5:11

Black Women Fallen Soldiers
A special tribute to all the brave black women, and black women of color in the military who lost their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq war…..

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National Day of Prayer- God is our Refuge Psalm 91:2

The 60th Annual National Day of Prayer will take place today Thursday, May 5, 2011. Millions will unite in prayer across the nation at various events. The theme, “A Mighty Fortress is Our God”, is based on the verse from Psalm 91:2 which states: “I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”

2011 National Prayer
by Joni Eareckson Tada, Honorary Chairman
Almighty God, you are our Mighty Fortress, our refuge and the God in whom we place our trust. As our nation faces great distress and uncertainty, we ask your Holy Spirit to fall afresh upon your people — convict us of sin and inflame within us a passion to pray for our land and its people. Grant the leaders of our country an awareness of their desperate need of wisdom and salvation in You until sin becomes a reproach to all and righteousness exalts this nation.
Protect and defend us against our enemies and may the cause of Christ always prevail in our schools, courts, homes, and churches. Lord God, send a spirit of revival and may it begin in our own hearts.
Remember America, we pray. Remember the foundations on which this country was built. Remember the prayers of our nation’s fathers and mothers, and do not forget us in our time of need.
In the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen
May God’s hand of wisdom and guidance remain upon each segment of our society, and through His Spirit, may believers be inspired to “pray continually” (I Thessalonians 5:17). We are assured that the Almighty hears our petitions. As people from coast to coast lift their voices in prayer, repentance and humility, we simply cannot underestimate how the Lord will respond. Let us together come before His throne with these words on our lips and in our hearts, “God bless America!”

Prayer Focus 7 Seven Centers of Power


Prayer Focus
• May God’s hand of wisdom and guidance remain upon each segment of our society, and through His Spirit, may believers be inspired to “pray continually” (I Thessalonians 5:17).
• Pray for righteousness to prevail in this nation. Righteousness exalts a nation Proverbs 14:34

• Pray for our leaders, as well as the judges in our courts. Ask God to grant them wisdom to act with integrity.
• I Kings 3:28
• I Timothy 2:1-2
• Exodus 18:21
• Proverbs 11:3
• Romans 13:1-2,3

• 1 Timothy 2:1-2: Pray that leaders , men and women, will be granted divine wisdom, guidance and strength to fulfill their important roles:
• Pray for Federal Leaders
• President: Barack Obama- Guidance, grace protection, wisdom and family
Vice President: Joe Biden
Secretary of State: Hillary Clinton
Pray for the other Secretaries
All Branches of the Armed Forces

Pray for State and Local Leaders

Military-Armed Forces
• Pray for discernment and protection from the of the United States’ enemies that are among us, even as others plot against us from afar.
• Pray for divine protection and guidance for our armed forces. Ask God to intercede for military chaplains and loved ones at home.
• II Chronicles 32:6-8
• Psalm 57:1
• Psalm 59:1
• Proverbs 2:8
o Psalm 5:11
• Pray for the courageous troops, and their families, who are actively serving our country each day ¬ not only at bases around the world, but also here within our borders. Our soldiers daily place themselves in harm’s way in order to defend the way of life we hold dear as well. .
• Pray the Lord’s protection will go before them.
• Lift up the chaplains stationed around the world, along with the Christian servicemen who unofficially fulfill a role of spiritual leadership.
• Pray for those who have lost a loved one in battle. These grieving families have paid the ultimate price. Ask that God’s comfort would be upon them in a special way.
• Pray that our media’s accounts of U.S. military actions are relayed fairly and impartially.

• Pray for truth and morality to be presented.
• Proverbs 12:9-22
• Ephesians 4:29
• Philippians 4:8
• Matthew 12:36-37
• Pray for the entertainment industry and their deliverance from vices such as materialism, promiscuity, substance abuse, and violence.
• Pray for wholesome and truthful offerings and acceptable alternatives for families to replace the media’s often biased and immoral offerings.
• Ask the Lord to provide the television, radio and print mediums with staff members and executives who are committed to accuracy and integrity.
• Intercede on behalf of the actors, musicians and athletes our young people seek to emulate. Pray that more of Hollywood’s celebrities will be worthy of our respect and admiration. .

• Pray for business women and men of integrity, fairness and courage will arise.,
• Pray that God will raise up His ambassadors in the workplace.
• Matthew 5:14-16
• Galatians 6:9
• Proverbs 29:2
• Exodus 31:3-5

• Pray for safety, morally sound instruction and wholesome environments.
• Deuteronomy 11:18-19
• Psalm 90:16-17
• Psalm 34:7
• Matthew 19:14
• Pray for students who are trained in righteousness as well as sound educational curricula. II Timothy 3:16
• Pray for our nation’s public school teachers, administrators and students. Ask the Lord to raise up a new generation of dedicated educators who will commit themselves not only to an honest, accurate presentation of all subject matter, but who will also serve as positive role models for their students.
• Pray for our local school boards. Church
• Pray for unity and boldness in proclaiming God’s Word.
• Matthew 16:18-19
• Ephesioans 4:3-6
• II Thessalonians 1:4
• Acts 16:15
• Pray for the Lord to provide pastors and spiritual leaders with strength and avenues of accountability so that they may maintain steadfastness in their vital callings.
• Pray for them to overcome stress and temptation and to walk worthy of their vocation.
• Pray for the Lord to spark a revival throughout our nation, protect the witness of our pastors, and continue to sanctify and purify Christians around the world.

• Pray for the family to be preserved as the Lord intended .

.Pray that families will follow godly principles.
• Joshua 24:15
• Psalm 127:3-5
• Ephesians 5:21
• Proverbs 22:6

The prayer points have been adopted from the National Day of Prayer Task Force

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