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Amid Covid, Break Down Walls of Gospel-Resistance Prayer

This is a prayer about protection from the Corona-virus and asking God to give us discernment by Tiece King,

You have my attention Lord and I thank You for the decluttering of my heart that is taking place as I wait on You. Thank You for the shaking of my soul and the change that I sense emerging because of this covid-19 event. As all things around me shift, how grateful I am that You never change. You are the same yesterday, today, forever! You have not been taken by surprise, You haven’t cloistered Yourself away. You are my ever-present help in this troubled time! My hope is in You–the maker of heaven and earth!

(Pause and continue to thank God for who He is. Reaffirm your trust in Him.)

Today Lord through prayer it is my desire to participate with Your kingdom purposes at work in the world. I ask that in the midst of uncertainty and fear in the nations of the earth that You cause people everywhere to hear Your majestic voice. May the hearts of men and women look to You at this time. May Jesus be revealed and made known and covid-19 used to breakdown walls of gospel-resistance!

Strengthen Your Church around the globe to walk by faith in such a way that the world cannot deny the love of Christ. Awaken the hearts of Your people to pray for friends, family and neighborhoods, to cry-out for our cities and nations. Take us into wrestling prayer until we see Your Church revived and a great harvest come in!

Revive us Lord! Revive me! Give me I pray, give Your Church, a hunger for souls–a desire for spiritual harvest in the nations of the earth that compels us to pray and not give up.

O God, remember mercy this day for many are without hope and without any knowledge of You. I ask for the pushing back of covid-19 on the face of the earth in such a way that it is evident to all that You, the One True God has intervened and Your Name alone glorified!

(Pause and continue to pray further as led by the Holy Spirit.)

I ask this all in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Isaiah 30:15; Psalm 55:19; James 1:17; Hebrews 13:8; Psalm 46:1; Psalm 124:8; Isaiah 30:30; Isaiah 57:14; Matthew 5:16; Habakkuk 3:1-2; Luke 18:1; Psalm 25:6; Ephesians 2:12

–Tiece King, author of the Pray the Word series.

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Be Encouraged & Endure

Over the past two weeks several friends that I hold dear have lost loved ones to the coronavirus. My heart goes out to Helena, Robert, Pam, Gwen and Teresa. And also to other friends whose relatives are fighting to recover or to live.

While I pray for them and the millions who are suffering in some way due to this virus, I also pray for those of us whose impact has thus far been limited to having to shelter in place and sacrifice our norm. For let’s be real: This right here isn’t normal.

There’s the surrealness of it all. In may ways, it feels like we’re living out a sci-fi movie.

There’s the surrender required during it all. This is when the best place to be is at the center of the storm, wrapped in the Almighty’s embrace, due to what we can’t control.

And certainly, there’s the shifting of it all. Those of us who survive will come out of this indefinite period of disruption changed, no matter what.

If we’re intentional, perhaps this era will leave us wiser, more gracious, more authentically ourselves and more focused, connected and settled – ready to live our purpose or lean into discovering the next phase of our life’s unique calling. And many will be like my friends – forever touched by the losses this difficult season has wrought, fighting to forge ahead.

Wherever you land on this spectrum, be gentle with yourself, yet determined not to let this time of shutdown be a blur.

This doesn’t mean you must write that book, build a new business or “boss up” in some other way, although if you’re up to it, you can. What this season does offer is a chance to do the deep work to polish the gem your life already is.

Be courageous and love more deeply – yourself first, so you can truly love your neighbor.Look within and be real about the state of your soul. If you’re good, remain steady and firm and pour out from that full well. If you’re shaky, use this time to brutally self-examine, forgive yourself and others, and do whatever else it takes to transform into a person you’re proud of and gracious toward. We all have room to grow.

Challenge yourself to avoid self-numbing to the point of missing the lessons you’re meant to learn or the blessing you’re meant to be to others.
Be okay with everything not being okay. And even so, still find a way to live, love and laugh your way through as much of this as you can.

That’s what the doctor’s and nurses on the front lines are doing with the dances and songs they’re flooding social media with, between their calls to loved ones of dying patients.That’s what so-called “ordinary” people around this nation and globe are doing as they find time to help a neighbor or stranger, or celebrate someone’s birthday while social distancing or make an extra phone call to say hello, or share a meal or buy someone’s groceries. That’s what every essential worker is doing every time he or she leaves home to do a job that could be putting him or her at risk; and every teleworker who is pouring into others online, via email and on calls, keeping systems in place and processes moving forward.

I heard on the news (which I watch sparingly) today that social distancing and sheltering in place is slowly but surely making an impact. Certainly, we’re not out of harm’s way. There are more waves of valley moments seemingly ahead. But what this proves is that the one thing we CAN control during this time is our choices.

Choose to continue being a ripple in the proverbial ocean. Your sacrifices and prayers, virtual hugs and words of encouragement, dollars and donations, and other acts of kindness, are making a difference.

For those who are grieving, we grieve with you.For those who have something to celebrate (birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, end of cancer treatments) we celebrate with you.For those who are struggling, we see you and are helping however we can. If you feel unseen or unheard, don’t go it alone. Reach out to a friend or relative or even a stranger; for right now, we’re all family.

For those who took time to read all of this, please receive my virtual hug and smile. Know that I am praying for you, and for our world.

Also hug yourself and think about things that make you smile. Cry if you must; curse if that helps. Then, rise up and resolve to push through. Let your faith edge out the fear, and conquer the battle for your mind and your sense of hope.

Embrace this sober wisdom that my late mother shared with me in our last conversation in 2005: “Sometimes you have to lose to gain.”
We don’t know when, we don’t know how, but If we’ll endure through this night, morning will come, beauty will replace ashes, and hope and healthiness will reign through the land once again.

~ Stacy Hawkins Adams©

Author: Stacy Hawkins Adams
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