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Cry Out in United Prayer : Blessings and Specific Prayers for our School Children-

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Cry Out in United Community Prayer: Blessings and Specific Prayerd Over Our Schools and Children: by Linda Fegins


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It’s back to school time. We need to call for united prayer for the lives of children attending schools and “put feet to our prayers”. Many ministries have been calling for prayer for the children, teachers, administrators and school staff as they return back to school. Faith At Work Ministries and the Lydia Circle for Christian Business and Professional Women Prayer Team ( Director Min. Jacqui Showers, Visionary Minister Minetta Hare) along with myself Linda Fegins will be at Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit on August 31 at 7am praying for our schools as well as for law, education, government, media , the marketplace, and the City of Detroit.

Parents and the community need to unite in prayer in our neighborhoods on the school steps and serve as prayer warriors who battle in the spiritual realm for the lives of children and teenagers as they go off to school for at least a half and hour to one hour every week.

Let’s begin to cry out to the Lord for the students, teachers and school staff in our communities.

Cry out today “Lord bless our schools”, See Lam 2:19 and then also specifically and scripturally pray the prayers below or as led by the Holy Spirit. Through prayer, families, our children’s lives, and our world can be changed. God will show us how to use the power that believers have within through the Holy Spirit to transform our schools and deliver them from violence, disorganization, and poor administration. Through united consistent prayer, God will give us the power, wisdom, knowledge, and creativity to solve the many school problems that plague our city schools and school board. We must put what I call “some feet on our prayers”. Through prayer the right leaders will arise to enable the community to come together to take productive and strategic action.

Prayer Points for Our School ChildrenChildren and Youth

• Daily pray for the safety of our children and that God will deliver them from evil and thwart every scheme of the enemy. Lord we pray that you cover the children and youth through the blood and “stay the hand of violence against the children and staff of the school. Dismantle any plan to bring harm to them. Expose any weapon brought on the school premises and render it harmless”.( from Power-Packed Prayers for Public Schools by Ida Rose Heckard)

• Pray that our children will be open to learning new knowledge and that God would give them the wisdom to know how to understand and use that knowledge. We need to pray that our children have the ability to discriminate between good knowledge and bad knowledge. Teach a child to choose the right path, and when he is older he will remain upon it. (Proverbs 22:6)

• Pray that our children will be serious minded and work hard to acquire both secular and spiritual knowledge. Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. (2 Timothy 2:15)

• Pray for the hearts of the students to be receptive to the gospel of peace and that God will call many to Himself. (Acts 2:38-40)

• Pray for our sons and daughters to make wise choices and to develop solid friendships with those who are following God. (Psalms 144;12-15)

• Pray for relief of those children who are homeless and need shelter, food and health care. Pray that Christ will restore their home for the future. (Psalms 107:41)

• Ask God to cause your children to be examples for believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity. (I Timothy 4:12

• Pray for those students that experience rejection and bullying from other students and teachers. Ask God to provide them with people that love and respect them unconditionally. (John 13:34; Romans 15:7)

• Pray for those students that are struggling academically. Ask God to encourage them and strengthen their minds. Pray that God will give their teachers and parent’s wisdom to know how to best help them learn.

• Pray they will not feel like failures, but will learn discipline and know that God loves them. (I Thessalonians 5:14)

• Pray that the Lord encourage those children who have special needs and “who have struggled with their studies to strengthen their minds. Help the teachers and parents know how to help them learn and protect them from feelings of worthlessness and shame. ( I Thess 5:14)” (from Ida Rose Heckard)

Pray Fervently,
Linda D. Fegins
Former(14yrs.) Prayer Director/Coordinator,Lydia Circle of Christian Professional and Business Women
Intercessory Prayer Leader for Messiah Baptist Church
Writer in the Anthology -“Tali Cumi: Daughters Arise”
Writer in the Anthology -“It’s Worth the Struggle- Inspiration for Contemporary Writers”
Christian Dramatist, “Sojourner Truth”, “Eve” etc.
Sunday School and Christian Education Teacher

The Prayer Leader


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Back to School With God by Jacqui Showers

Let’s Pray for our Public Schools :for Teachers, Students, the DPS Board, The School Emergecy Manager, Parents, Principals and the Support Staff

Join Minister, Author and Coach Jacqui Showers as Prayer Director for Faith at Works Ministry and Lydia Circle of Christian Business Women ( Visionary Minetta Hare) at 7:00 a.m., Saturday, August 31, 2013, at Hart Plaza for our 16th Annual Prayer Gathering for the City of Detroit, Detroit Public Schools, business, arts, media, family, education, government, medical and health, entertainment, law enforcement and sports

While walking the track at King High School last year, I noticed a father and son working out. I became so enthralled with them I actually walked around the track two times more than I originally planned. Needless to say, I watched this father perform exercise routines with his son in preparation for the start of the school year.

Initially, they ran the track and then started doing exercises. It was then they really caught my attention. As I watched them I realized that one day, whether that son made it big in sports or not, he would remember that his Dad took time to help him improve his game. No doubt as he coached his son, he also provided life principles that would stay with that young man for the rest of his life.

Our children need us. They need us to provide much needed guidance and discipline. They need us to impart words of wisdom and encouragement. They definitely need us to pray for them. Our schools need us to pray for them as well.

Not so many years ago, prayer was taken out of our schools. Each of us is fully aware of the separation of church and state, as much as we are aware of the consequences of eliminating prayer out of our schools. Our school systems no longer incorporate prayer into their daily schedules. We have to coach our children about prayer and how they can incorporate it into their schools. The schools are mandated by law, but we are not.

Prayer has this interesting effect, the more you pray the more your faith increases. As your faith increases your mindset is transformed to think like a winner. This is what we have to do for our children. We have to help them in thinking and becoming winners. Teaching faith principles rooted in prayer culminates in a new perspective and a winning attitude that translates into winning actions.

Let’s unite with other women where each one of us pledge to adopt a school and pray for that school, its administration, teachers and students throughout the school year. You can also join in the “Back To School With God” Pledge and Campaign by adopting a school and committing to pray for that school throughout the academic year.

More than ever, our children need to know that we encourage them to strive for excellence because we are excited about their future. Yes, they need to know we are praying for and with them as well.

As the Prayer Director for Faith at Works Ministry and Lydia Circle of Christian Business Women, I’m extending an invitation for you to join us at 7:00 a.m., Saturday, August 31, 2013, at Hart Plaza for our 16th Annual Prayer Gathering for the City of Detroit, DPS, business, arts, media, family, education, government, medical and health, entertainment, law enforcement and sports.

What we do for our children will have a lifelong impression on them. One thing for sure, we owe it to our children to do whatever it takes to ensure their success. That means not only praying for them, but praying with them as well.

Minister Jacqui A.Showers

No parts of this article can be reproduced without permission from Minister Showers
As the founder of Showers Group The Ministries, Minister Jacqui Showers endeavors to shower the world with the rich life transforming blessings of the Word of God; thus empowering people to live an abundant victorious passion-driven life in Christ Jesus through the anointing and enabling power of the Holy Spirit.

A sought after speaker, Minister Showers evangelizes the Word of God and provides unboxed inspirational coaching through individual consultation, workshops, seminars, conferences, churches and other venues for individuals and organizations.

Minister Showers coaches you to fulfill your destiny and purpose as you become all God envisioned so you can experience all God S.A.W. (Spiritual, Abundance and Wholeness). She holds dear the love affair she and God share that is totally beyond compare.

Minister Showers is licensed under House of Prayer & Praise Ministries (HOPP) where she serves under Bishop-Elect Steven & Lady Valorie Bennett.

If you would like to secure Jacqui A. Showers as a speaker, contact The Showers Group Ministries, 313.289.4559 or send your request to

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