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DAY 29 – March 12 Demonstrate God’s Grace
40 Day Prayer Journey to Life Transformation

We have been pressing through these 40 days of prayer and repentance. How have you been challenged, growing, laying aside weights and sin, and being renewed toward transformation? God is love and He wants us to demonstrate that love in our relationships with the “saved” and those who do not know Jesus Christ personally. We should live as a demonstration of His love, grace, mercy and truth so that we will glorify Him and that someone may be saved through Him. Invite the Holy Spirit to search your heart to reveal areas where transformation needs to occur in you, and in the church. Today on this 29th Day let us walk in the grace of God and show grace to others.

Scriptures: John 1:14-18; Acts 4:32-33; 11:19-24; 14:1-7, 21-28; 1 Peter 4:7-11

Repent: Of not walking in the love and grace that God has bestowed upon you; of receiving grace but not demonstrating grace to others; of not walking in the grace He give us to live a life of power and testimony that glorifies Him. Of___________________________________. (Fill in the blanks).

Receive: Grace to live according to His commands and His call upon our lives; His grace to be and to do all that He requires of us to do to bless others, to build up His Kingdom and to glorify Him.

• Confess to the Lord the ways you have not walked in love and grace with the lost, your neighbor and family members.
• Pray for you and the church to receive a fresh revelation of the marvelous grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.
• Pray that you learn to see grace as a gift we have received and are to bestow freely upon others and that you are generous to bestow grace to others as you have freely received.
• That restoration of graciousness in our attitude, speech and actions will be demonstrated in you and will permeate the church.
• Ask the Lord to do a work in your heart that will release you from any spirit, thought or unforgiveness that blocks your relationship with those who do not know Jesus Christ, your neighbor and family members.
• Praise God that He is gracious, full of compassion and abounding in mercy; that we are recipients of His saving, redeeming, and delivering grace.