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Ready to Pray: A Spiritual Journey of Prayer and Worship

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Gail Dudley’s Ready to Pray: A Spiritual Journey of Prayer and Worship shares the life and prayer lessons that she learned from the Lord through her spiritual journey with Him. Transparent, even funny, encouraging and biblically based, she shares and exhorts on how to develop and build a powerful prayer life. She gently challenges you to examine your own prayer journey as she shares her struggles and mistakes by encouraging the reader to use the “Steps of the Journey” note section at the end of the chapter. This is not just another prayer book of “how to” pray based on standard ways and formulas. She shares her experiences of how she grew in her prayer life based on the Word and the power of the Holy Ghost which lead to her testimony of a life transformed by the power of prayer with a heart for true worship. In sharing her journey which lead to her calling as an intercessor , she encourages you to know that you also can grow to know Jesus Christ through prayer.

Her goal is to help others, through their discovery of prayer, grow in their relationship with Jesus. She writes in an easy to understand style. She stresses the need to have an intimate relationship with God which flows from the heart before you can effectively pray. “In order to be “Ready to Pray” we have to get to a place where we are able to pray and come away with God’s heart, not ours”, exclaims Gail.

Some of the areas of prayer she addresses:

• the issues of prayerlessness,
• dealing with issues when you don’t know what to do,
• and learning to hear what God is speaking through His Word

Gail Dudley shows you that God speaks through His Word, and the Word of God provides a solid foundation for prayer. The book is written in easy to understand style and a Work Book is available. I enjoyed the chapter “It’s Different” where she reveals how she struggled with her calling as an intercessory and lets you know you do not have to be a “cookie cutter” prayer or intercessor ,but pray with your own unique style as the Lord allows.

Book Review by Linda Fegins

Excerpt – Chapter VI Interceding on Behalf of Other

There is truly an urgency to pray for individuals, marriages, families, churches, pastors, government, communities, the lost, and our cities. We find in the Bible this passage of Scripture, “One night the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision: ‘Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent. For I am with you, and no one is going to attack and harm you, because I have many people in this city (Acts 18:9-10).'”

We are called by God to intercede. Intercession is praying and standing in the gap on behalf of another. Believe it or not, everyone has been called to pray on behalf of another. However, God has called others specifically to the ministry of intercession. Intercession is not about your personal conversation with God about yourself, your needs, and your desires.

Intercession means standing in the gap, covering, warring, and sometimes weeping on behalf of someone else in prayer. Sometimes it is when the Lord puts the face of a person in front of you or maybe the Lord drops someone’s name in your spirit. There’s nothing you can do but pray. Intercession is having a connection with God, talking with Him, petitioning Him, crying out to Him, through prayer on behalf of another in need.

All across the world there are individuals whom God has chosen to stand in the gap for someone else or for a particular situation. Maybe God has placed your name on the heart of someone else to pray. Maybe God has placed someone’s name on your heart to pray.

How can we pray for one another for such a time as this?


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Author and international speaker, Gail is committed to a calling of encouraging others and prayer. She is a contributing author for a variety of publications with topics ranging from Christian training workbooks to cultural awareness and discipleship along with being a blogger, and the author of five books. Additionally, Gail has written many magazine articles that are life changing, and has a powerful gift of delivering messages that are both scriptural and applicable to real life situations. Gail shares the words that are spoken into her heart by the Holy Spirit and those same words are delivered directly from her heart to the listener’s ear. She is an anointed speaker whose message will stir the soul and further advance her desire for all Christians to find healing, hope and health.

In 2009 Gail was ordained as pastor with a calling to train and equip the saints for the work of the ministry. This transparent vessel of God has been anointed with a spirit of intercession to pray on behalf of the saints and blessed with the gifts to edify God’s people. Gail has completed 85 hours of ‘Formational Prayer’ from Ashland Theological Seminary and conducts inner-healing sessions for individuals ready to be delivered from their wounds. Gail serves as a speaker and author with a passion to provide guidance to God’s people as they navigate through their spiritual journey. Gail organizes regional 24 hour prayer gatherings and “Journey of Prayer Instruction” conferences where she has touched the lives of many people from various walks of life across the globe.

As a strategic thinker and creative voice Gail has worked collaboratively toward greater vision with organizations and ministries while engaging, encouraging and empowering individuals to accomplish their goals. Gail established ‘@ The Table with Gail’ in January 2013, a consulting firm focused on ministry, nonprofit, and personal development. Gail is also the servant leader of Ministry in Motion Ministries a ministry she founded in 1994 and re-launched February 2012. She is an international conference and workshop speaker who has traveled to Zimbabwe, the United Kingdom, and South Africa ministering to women and girls. Gail finds joy in helping ministries and non-profit organizations to become “Ministry-Minded, Ministry-Equipped, Ministry-Motivated, and Ministry-Engaged.” Gail is on a ministry assignment with Synergy Women’s Network as well as serves as pastor preaching, teaching discipleship studies, and overseeing multiple outreach efforts at The Church at North Pointe.


Gail is the wife of Reverend Dr. Kevin Dudley, senior pastor of The Church at North Pointe (Columbus, Ohio) and the loving mother of two young adult’s Alexander and Dominiq. Gail connects with people where they are and upon hearing her speak it is evident that Gail walks closely with the Lord, spends time daily in the word and seeks always to be ready to share God’s truth for transforming lives.

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Narrowing the Gaps – Connection! ( Pray Continually)(Devotions for Every Day Life)

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Narrowing the Gaps

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18).

I am on a journey to narrow the gaps of unawareness of Christ’s Presence within me so that this verse can take root in my spirit and grow to fullness. If it is God’s will for me to rejoice always, pray without ceasing and give thanks in the midst of all of my circumstances, then I need a complete transformation of my heart, mind and will! I have sensed God urging me to make my life a prayer…to live in such a way that a spirit of prayerfulness rooted in worship and gratefulness invades every moment.

–Adapted from the blog, Prayer as Every Day Life by Kim Butts

Father, I long to be aware of Your perfect Presence each and every minute in my day…from the most exciting times to the most mundane moments. May every place I walk, every relationship I engage in and every thought in my head be holy for Your sake because You have ordained my steps, given me grace to love others, and taken my every thought captive. As I seek You in the midst of every day life, may I rejoice always and give thanks in every circumstance so that You are continually glorified.

Prayer Points
Praise God as the one worthy of the worship of our entire lives (Rom. 12:1-2). Give thanks for God’s mercy shown to you personally. Confess times of conforming to the pattern of this world. Commit yourself to the continual renewing of your mind. Ask God to be true to his promise that you will be able to test and approve what is his will.

Pray that each of God’s people will be reminded of the different gifts he or she possesses, according to the grace of God (12:6). Ask that they be further equipped through worship to use those gifts for God’s kingdom (12:7ff.).

–Prayer Points taken from Patterns for Prayer by Alvin VanderGriend

Connection (Devotions for Everyday Life) © 2013 is published by Harvest Prayer Ministries. Subscribe free at


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Believe in Prayer

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Believe in Prayer. It is the best way we have to draw strength from heaven.

If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer. Matthew 21:22 NIV ( from God’s Little Instruction Book)

What are you believing God for today?

Meditate on the Word. Pray. Listen. Believe. Pray. Believe. Hear. Do.
Linda Fegins

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Pray More . Cry Out. Sound the Alarm.

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Daily prayers will diminish your cares. More things are wrougt by prayer than this world knows. Alfred Lord Tenneyson.

Evening, and morning , and at noon, will I pray and cry aloud; and he shall hear my voice Psalm 55:17

Pray for household salvation for family, friends, your boss, co-workers and the next door neighbor you cannot stand. Pray for salvation for those who are lost and do not know Christ. Our prayers will cause the Spirit of God to draw them to Himself. In Revolution on Our Knees: 30 Days of Prayer for Neighbors and Nations by David and Kim Butts they urgently stress “Consider how many people are lost to the prince of darkness because no one has prayed that their lives would respond to a beckoning Father? I have no doubt that prayer is the front line strategy for missions. We may never know until heaven how many lives have been opened to receive Christ because of our prayers”.

Pray for the deliverance from violence that steals the lives of our children and families. In major cities our children and youth have suffered violence. We continue to pray for the children and teachers who lives were violently taken at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton , Connecticut. Pray for the mother in Chicago who has lost four sons to violence and death. Four sons ! You are devasted by one! Lord , we should be crying out like the mourning women in the Bible. In Jeremiah 9:17 it states”This is what the LORD Almighty says: “Consider now! Call for the wailing women to come; send for the most skillful of them”.

The children of Israel were about to be taken in bondage to Babylon. The prophet Jeremiah said send for the mourning women. They were to weep and wail and to mourn in sackcloth. Their purpose what to be an alarm system to wake up everybody around them. They were to call out, the devil is destroying us! Death is on its way! They were God’s warning shout to His people. These mouring women were to use the power of prayer and wailing before the Lord to destroy the power of Satan over God’s people by waking them up and calling them to a mourning of repentance. Today you- mother, sister, daughter or father can join in corporate prayer to open your mouth and cry out and pray against the evil of violence. Then when we hear the Lord’s direction, we can get up and put “feet on our prayers” to do what He tells us to do.

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What are you praying for today that is affecting our commuity and your household? Cry out. Sound the Alarm

Linda D. Fegins, The Prayer Leader

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Pray and Believe.

Praise God for His unfamthonable love for you. Praise God for the indescribeable gift. This morning no matter what you face, know that God is able to work it out for you . Pray without ceasing. 1 Thess 5:17. Believe. Proverbs 23:7.”For as a man or woman thinks in his heart,so is he”. Pray again. Listen . Do what He tells you to do and follow His instructions. Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” God can bring you through, around, and over to a victorious , overcoming and wealthy place.

Prayer is the key that opens the storehouse of God’s infinite grace and power. R.A. Torrey.
Pray for those who are hurting, grieving lost of family and friends, through divorce or loss of a job or finances. The Holiday season is a tough season for some.
Pray for our children- for protection from abuse and violence.
Pray for our leaders for wisdom, compassion and integrity. Let them be guide by fairness and not just by greed or race.
Pray for salvation for family and friends. Name those on your heart that you want saved.
by Linda Fegins December 2012

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