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Lord, You Are My Symphony by Gail Dudley

Lord, You Are My Symphony


Breathe in. Breathe out. Prepare to be lead into the most beautiful melody of your prayer life as you pray under the direction of the conductor.


You have been invited to ‘Father, Hear My Prayers’ symphony orchestra where the most important person in an orchestra is the conductor. The one who ‘s purpose is to lead the melodies of the instrument, and does not play any instrument at all. Their job, at its most basic level, is to indicate the beat of the music. With each movement of the baton, the conductor is instructing with imaginary points that indicate the beat in the bar the orchestra is playing.


Relate this to prayer. Jesus is the most important person during your conversation. When your heartbeat begins to line up with His heartbeat, you will find yourself praying what He is praying. “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done….” You find that when you pray under His direction you are focused on His thoughts, His will, and find that your thoughts are no longer as important as before. Your mind is now focused on Jesus.


So often people will ask, ‘How shall I pray’? The conductor will prepare you. The conductor’s role in the orchestra is being responsible for the preparation, the rehearsal, and for making interpretative decisions, such as whether a certain passage should be slow, fast, soft, loud, smooth, aggressive, and so forth. He will speak to you boldly, compassionately, through a whisper, and will instruct you to be obedient. Through the reading of His Word, you will know to wait patiently, move swiftly, to be still, and so on.


A conductor of an orchestra communicates their decisions both verbally during the rehearsal and during the performance, using different movements, gestures, and expressions. During prayer, you will know what Jesus is communicating with you because you have spent time with Him.


Think only about the symphony. There are usually four movements to a symphony. With a typical symphony, the first movement is a fairly fast movement, weighty in content and feeling.


The second movement of a symphony will be slow and solemn in character. As we pray, we may find the second time around to be quieter, slower. The pounding of the heart slows down. There’s room for silence—you may no longer be in a hurry. You have decided to take your time and watch and pray.


The third movement of a symphony can be interchanged with the second movement. When we pray, we may find ourselves in a hurry in the beginning but, later, get with God and slow down because we are finally resting in His arms.


The fourth movement in a symphony creates the finale. The finale is made up of a variation. A variation movement consists of a theme, usually made up of four or eight-bar phrases in which the theme is elaborated, developed, and transformed. Although a symphony may seem difficult in our natural hearing, it’s easy to those who are a part of the orchestra.


You are in the orchestra. The orchestra of ‘Father, Hear Our Prayers.’ With Christ, we may think this journey of prayer and worship is difficult, but it’s a beautiful journey once we line up with Christ as the focus of our time in intercession and prayer with Him. Lord, you are my symphony. We surrender as we flow in the presence of the Holy Spirit.


Gail Dudley, authorGail Dindex

Ready To Pray: A Spiritual Journey of Prayer and Worship

Gail Dudley, an ordained minister, is married to Dr. Kevin Dudley and the lovingmother of Alexander and

Dominiq. A committed Christian focused on preparing believers for ministry, she is a true servant of God

and one who finds tremendous joy in helping others to become “Ministry-Minded, Ministry-Equipped

, Ministry-Motivated,and Ministry-Engaged.”  Gail has completed 95 hours of Prayer

Formation studies and has hosted prayer summits and prayer workshops throughout the

US and abroad. She is Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of READY magazine, a quarterly

national publication with readership in 17 countries. She is the author of seven books, a

member of Redbud Writers Guild, and has served as a conference and workshop speaker

in Canada, England, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, equipping and motivating women

around the world to walk boldly into their promised future. Gail has been honored to

present for organizations such as MOPS, Christian Leadership Alliance, Iron Sharpens

Iron for Women, and SOAR International.  This Columbus , Ohio born and raised servant”s, calling that

God has placed upon Gail’s life will touch you as you experience her heart and her spirit filled life-changing messages.

book and workbook






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Ready to Pray: A Spiritual Journey of Prayer and Worship

ready to pray51L1P11sQzL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_

Gail Dudley’s Ready to Pray: A Spiritual Journey of Prayer and Worship shares the life and prayer lessons that she learned from the Lord through her spiritual journey with Him. Transparent, even funny, encouraging and biblically based, she shares and exhorts on how to develop and build a powerful prayer life. She gently challenges you to examine your own prayer journey as she shares her struggles and mistakes by encouraging the reader to use the “Steps of the Journey” note section at the end of the chapter. This is not just another prayer book of “how to” pray based on standard ways and formulas. She shares her experiences of how she grew in her prayer life based on the Word and the power of the Holy Ghost which lead to her testimony of a life transformed by the power of prayer with a heart for true worship. In sharing her journey which lead to her calling as an intercessor , she encourages you to know that you also can grow to know Jesus Christ through prayer.

Her goal is to help others, through their discovery of prayer, grow in their relationship with Jesus. She writes in an easy to understand style. She stresses the need to have an intimate relationship with God which flows from the heart before you can effectively pray. “In order to be “Ready to Pray” we have to get to a place where we are able to pray and come away with God’s heart, not ours”, exclaims Gail.

Some of the areas of prayer she addresses:

• the issues of prayerlessness,
• dealing with issues when you don’t know what to do,
• and learning to hear what God is speaking through His Word

Gail Dudley shows you that God speaks through His Word, and the Word of God provides a solid foundation for prayer. The book is written in easy to understand style and a Work Book is available. I enjoyed the chapter “It’s Different” where she reveals how she struggled with her calling as an intercessory and lets you know you do not have to be a “cookie cutter” prayer or intercessor ,but pray with your own unique style as the Lord allows.

Book Review by Linda Fegins

Excerpt – Chapter VI Interceding on Behalf of Other

There is truly an urgency to pray for individuals, marriages, families, churches, pastors, government, communities, the lost, and our cities. We find in the Bible this passage of Scripture, “One night the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision: ‘Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent. For I am with you, and no one is going to attack and harm you, because I have many people in this city (Acts 18:9-10).'”

We are called by God to intercede. Intercession is praying and standing in the gap on behalf of another. Believe it or not, everyone has been called to pray on behalf of another. However, God has called others specifically to the ministry of intercession. Intercession is not about your personal conversation with God about yourself, your needs, and your desires.

Intercession means standing in the gap, covering, warring, and sometimes weeping on behalf of someone else in prayer. Sometimes it is when the Lord puts the face of a person in front of you or maybe the Lord drops someone’s name in your spirit. There’s nothing you can do but pray. Intercession is having a connection with God, talking with Him, petitioning Him, crying out to Him, through prayer on behalf of another in need.

All across the world there are individuals whom God has chosen to stand in the gap for someone else or for a particular situation. Maybe God has placed your name on the heart of someone else to pray. Maybe God has placed someone’s name on your heart to pray.

How can we pray for one another for such a time as this?


Gail dGED_casual_bigger

Author and international speaker, Gail is committed to a calling of encouraging others and prayer. She is a contributing author for a variety of publications with topics ranging from Christian training workbooks to cultural awareness and discipleship along with being a blogger, and the author of five books. Additionally, Gail has written many magazine articles that are life changing, and has a powerful gift of delivering messages that are both scriptural and applicable to real life situations. Gail shares the words that are spoken into her heart by the Holy Spirit and those same words are delivered directly from her heart to the listener’s ear. She is an anointed speaker whose message will stir the soul and further advance her desire for all Christians to find healing, hope and health.

In 2009 Gail was ordained as pastor with a calling to train and equip the saints for the work of the ministry. This transparent vessel of God has been anointed with a spirit of intercession to pray on behalf of the saints and blessed with the gifts to edify God’s people. Gail has completed 85 hours of ‘Formational Prayer’ from Ashland Theological Seminary and conducts inner-healing sessions for individuals ready to be delivered from their wounds. Gail serves as a speaker and author with a passion to provide guidance to God’s people as they navigate through their spiritual journey. Gail organizes regional 24 hour prayer gatherings and “Journey of Prayer Instruction” conferences where she has touched the lives of many people from various walks of life across the globe.

As a strategic thinker and creative voice Gail has worked collaboratively toward greater vision with organizations and ministries while engaging, encouraging and empowering individuals to accomplish their goals. Gail established ‘@ The Table with Gail’ in January 2013, a consulting firm focused on ministry, nonprofit, and personal development. Gail is also the servant leader of Ministry in Motion Ministries a ministry she founded in 1994 and re-launched February 2012. She is an international conference and workshop speaker who has traveled to Zimbabwe, the United Kingdom, and South Africa ministering to women and girls. Gail finds joy in helping ministries and non-profit organizations to become “Ministry-Minded, Ministry-Equipped, Ministry-Motivated, and Ministry-Engaged.” Gail is on a ministry assignment with Synergy Women’s Network as well as serves as pastor preaching, teaching discipleship studies, and overseeing multiple outreach efforts at The Church at North Pointe.


Gail is the wife of Reverend Dr. Kevin Dudley, senior pastor of The Church at North Pointe (Columbus, Ohio) and the loving mother of two young adult’s Alexander and Dominiq. Gail connects with people where they are and upon hearing her speak it is evident that Gail walks closely with the Lord, spends time daily in the word and seeks always to be ready to share God’s truth for transforming lives.

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