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Launching Family Prayer


“Lord, restore the family altar in homes across America”, is the cry of one intercessor. Let’s Launch Family Prayer today. God loves your family and you. He established family and has a plan for each family member. We need to pray for our and with our families. One of the best things you and I can do for our families is to begin to teach our children and adults to pray in a way that grows hunger for God by seeking Him in prayer together.

In today’s world of busy schedules and Face book, cell phones and other digital distractions, “It’s hard for families to find time to eat dinner together, let alone pray together. Yet praying together deepens relationships, alleviates arguing and fighting, and strengthens family ties more than any single thing we can do”, states Cheryl Sacks, a national speaker and intercessor.

Launching Family Prayer

In the month of June let’s begin to launch a month-long campaign to help each family member jumpstart a lifetime of praying together and for one another.  I will be giving pointers on praying for men, fathers, parents and teaching children how to engage in family prayer, as well as specific prayer pointers and others for praying for the family. I will share a great example of a grandfather’s impact upon his grandchildren developing a prayer life this month after Father’s Day.

Minister Minetta Hare visionary and founder of the Global Missions Prayer Force has launched in the month of June “The Family Prayer Challenge”. Go to Face book and like the page and get notice of the daily prayer points as well. She is encouraging you to get a Prayer Journal to write the names of your family  members and providing a page for the directions you hear from the Lord about praying for each of the your family members.

Family Prayer Points: (Others will be provided this month for specific persons)

Relationship with God

Salvation. Lord you love my family members and you gave your only Son for them. You are not willing that any should be lost. May _________ accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and become a new creation in YOU. (John 3:16; 2 Corn 5:17)

Faith. Lord in the name of Jesus may my family grow a saving, faith in Jesus. May we turn our hearts toward You so that we live in Jesus, rooted in the truth of His Word and demonstrate mountain moving faith. (Mk. 11:23-24; Rom 10:17).

Furthermore pray:

In you all the families of the earth will be blessed. Genesis 12:3 (KJV)

  • Pray for unity and love in family units that reach out in hospitality toward others. Romans 12:9-13.
  • Pray for God centered relationships among family members.
  • Pray that parents will be bold to instruct their children in God’s way of living and lead their families to pray together.
  • Pray for relationships between parents and children that it be one of love, respect, honor and obedience.
  • Pray for a return to the biblical mandate to train children at home.
  • Pray that families will follow godly principles.
  • Pray for our youth –their safety, protection, obedience, purpose and excellence.
  • Pray for families dismantled by divorce to be healed.
  • Pray that Christ forgiveness would dissolve anger, bitterness and strife in relationships among family member.

Linda Fegins, “The Prayer Leader” of Pray, Act& Write.  June 2018

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Remembering ,Honoring and Praying for Fathers by Linda Fegins

Fathers turn to childimages

Scripture: And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and spite the earth with a curse. Malachi 4:6
Scripture- Fathers, provoke not your children [to anger], lest they be discouraged. Colossians 3:21

This month as we celebrate Father’s Day let’s honor and pray for fathers, who may not be perfect, but who love their children, train their children, protect their children and have good relationships with their children. The week prior to Father’s Day I challenge men and women to share positive comments and reflections about your father, father figures, grandfathers, mentor and committed men. Please share them.

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A couple of years ago on Radio station 1200 AM in the city of Detroit, John Mason, of Mason in the Afternoon, was asking for positive reflections and comments about one’s father, grandfather or a father figure. One reflection, by a man who called into the radio station to comment, touched my heart. He stated that his father taught him many things by his actions. He said he learned how to be a father and the protector of his family from his father. “When I was about 7 years old I went “trick or treating” on Halloween with some friends”, said the caller. “ A bigger boy stole our bags. All I could remember was seeing a flash go by and jump the fence. Next thing I knew I had my Halloween bag back. It was my father who jumped that fence. He had been watching and covering me all the time”. That story brought tears to my eyes because the actions of the father symbolized the love the heavenly Father has for us in that he watches over us and protects us. For the now grown caller it taught him how to watch over his family. Another gentleman called in and stated he “learned how to respect women because of how he saw his father respect and treat his mother”.

The admiration Kim Bracey has for her father shines through every time she speaks of him. Kim Bracey will tell you she thought her father was “God” for the longest because he provided for her and was there every time she needed him. Rene Wallace shared that her over 70 year old father , who has now passed, still talked as if this middle aged daughter was his responsibility. Jeanette Johnson’s father has been dead for over 12 years but she talks about her father frequently with love and respect. Her honor and respect for his wisdom radiates from her heart for this man who only had a third grade education, but was full of wisdom , strength, and integrity who provided for his children and adored his wife and owned land and property and feed neighbors who were poor.. When she speaks of him you can hear and feel the respect and honor she has for him. It was touching to hear their comments.

Join Girlfriends Pray, a global prayer ministry for women founded by nationally known life coach and motivational speaker, Dee Marshall, as they pray for and honor men-fathers, father figures, boys, and mentors on June 9 through June 20 , Monday – Friday at 7am and 10 pm (EST). 1 712 432-0075 access code 128845#. Men of God(Pastors) will be praying for fathers , men, boys, families and what the Holy Ghost places upon their hearts. Please invite your husbands, sons, brothers to join the call.

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Prayer for Fathers

Lord in the name of Jesus, we thank you for fathers who love, train, provide for and protect their children. We pray that fathers will look to God as their ultimate spiritual father of their household, serving and caring for their children and families; Lord may absentee fathers change their mindset and lifestyles to nurture a relationship with their children. We pray that the Lord will turn the hearts of the father toward their children and the hearts of the children toward their fathers. Malachi 4:6. Lord may our children see the godly character of the heavenly Father in the lives of their dads.

Lord we thank you that you are a Father to the fatherless and One who will never leave nor forsake us. Lord raise up fathers in the church and community to love, nurture, instruct and guide those in need of a father’s blessing. We pray for single fathers who are raising their children without a spouse to share the love and responsibility for their upbringing. Lord we pray about the disintegration of the family unit in our land, and ask You Lord to restore the foundations of the family both in and out of the church. Psalm 68:5-6; Proverbs 17:6 In the name of Jesus Amen.


In addition to the prayer above, Specifically Pray for:

-Men would seek God and honor His faithfulness, wisdom and truth
-For fathers identity to be centered in Christ-like servant leadership
-For vision in their lives that would serve family and serve and advance God’s purpose
-To be the honorable priest and leaders of their homes
-We call fathers back to their children to love, nurture and teach them.
-That fathers will look to God as the ultimate spiritual head of their homes.
-That absentee fathers would change their lifestyle to nurture their children and wives
That children will see the character of the heavenly Father in the lives of their dads.
-Fatherless children- that loving and nurturing father figures and mentors will arise in their live
-Men’s Health- June is Men’s National Health month pray that fathers and men will obtain prostate cancer and other physical examinations.
-Boys who need father figures ; may they find mentors and father figures.

Again I challenge you to share and leave your positive comment and reflections about your father, grandfather, stepdad or father figure. Share the color of the loving, positive, supportive relationship you had with the father figure in your life.

Linda Fegins, The Prayer Leader 2014

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