“Lord, restore the family altar in homes across America”, is the cry of one intercessor. Let’s Launch Family Prayer today. God loves your family and you. He established family and has a plan for each family member. We need to pray for our and with our families. One of the best things you and I can do for our families is to begin to teach our children and adults to pray in a way that grows hunger for God by seeking Him in prayer together.

In today’s world of busy schedules and Face book, cell phones and other digital distractions, “It’s hard for families to find time to eat dinner together, let alone pray together. Yet praying together deepens relationships, alleviates arguing and fighting, and strengthens family ties more than any single thing we can do”, states Cheryl Sacks, a national speaker and intercessor.

Launching Family Prayer

In the month of June let’s begin to launch a month-long campaign to help each family member jumpstart a lifetime of praying together and for one another.  I will be giving pointers on praying for men, fathers, parents and teaching children how to engage in family prayer, as well as specific prayer pointers and others for praying for the family. I will share a great example of a grandfather’s impact upon his grandchildren developing a prayer life this month after Father’s Day.

Minister Minetta Hare visionary and founder of the Global Missions Prayer Force has launched in the month of June “The Family Prayer Challenge”. Go to Face book and like the page and get notice of the daily prayer points as well. She is encouraging you to get a Prayer Journal to write the names of your family  members and providing a page for the directions you hear from the Lord about praying for each of the your family members.

Family Prayer Points: (Others will be provided this month for specific persons)

Relationship with God

Salvation. Lord you love my family members and you gave your only Son for them. You are not willing that any should be lost. May _________ accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and become a new creation in YOU. (John 3:16; 2 Corn 5:17)

Faith. Lord in the name of Jesus may my family grow a saving, faith in Jesus. May we turn our hearts toward You so that we live in Jesus, rooted in the truth of His Word and demonstrate mountain moving faith. (Mk. 11:23-24; Rom 10:17).

Furthermore pray:

In you all the families of the earth will be blessed. Genesis 12:3 (KJV)

  • Pray for unity and love in family units that reach out in hospitality toward others. Romans 12:9-13.
  • Pray for God centered relationships among family members.
  • Pray that parents will be bold to instruct their children in God’s way of living and lead their families to pray together.
  • Pray for relationships between parents and children that it be one of love, respect, honor and obedience.
  • Pray for a return to the biblical mandate to train children at home.
  • Pray that families will follow godly principles.
  • Pray for our youth –their safety, protection, obedience, purpose and excellence.
  • Pray for families dismantled by divorce to be healed.
  • Pray that Christ forgiveness would dissolve anger, bitterness and strife in relationships among family member.

Linda Fegins, “The Prayer Leader” of Pray, Act& Write.  June 2018

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