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It’s Day 37 of the 40 Day Prayer Journey. Keep pressing in prayer and the study of the Word to enable you to increase in your personal and corporate prayer life.

DAY 37 – March 26 Seeking to Rise Spiritually by Increasing Our Personal and Corporate Prayer Life

Elijah: An Ordinary Man Who Prayed Powerfully
Scriptures: James 5:17-18 Read the full story of Elijah’s prayer victory in 1 Kings 17-18

• Praise God for the power that makes powerful praying possible.
• Thank God that he hears and answers the prayers of ordinary persons and makes it possible for us to pray powerfully.
• Ask God to reveal to you what he wants you to pray about and to help you pray earnestly and persistently.
• Pray that God will cause his church to grow strong in prayer and be effective in ministry.
• Pray that men, women, boys, and girls will be happy to be enlightened and empowered of the things of God.
• Tell God that you are available to pray earnestly and persistently about anything that He lays on your heart and that you will listen for His direction. Now listen for God’s directions.
• Pray for the Holy Spirit to bring victory over all unrighteousness.
• Pray for the Arts and Entertainment Industry-that God will inspire artist and those in the entertainment industry with creativity and wisdom that reflect God’s beauty and truth; pray for salvation of those in the industry; and that those who come to follow Christ will follow Christ with courage and take a stand for Jesus.

Spiritual Rise Check Up- Write responses in a journal or notebook
Meditate on the above scripture. Name three things about Elijah’s prayer life that made it effective. How will you rise to go about getting and doing what you need to do to improve upon your prayer life?

Spiritual Rise Act
Before you make requests of God, ask Him what He wants you to pray for in each case. Then pause to listen for the Spirit’s prompt. Pray as lead by the Spirit.

Linda Fegins ” The Prayer Leader”