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On this 38th day of this 40 Day Prayer Journey we thank the Lord for your perseverance. I pray that you rise spiritually to grow in the study of the Word and in a consistent lifestyle of prayer with fervency, power and love. You can have victory as Day 39 indicates.
Examine your heart and mind. Pray:
Dear LORD, do I really accept Your Word and live according to it regardless of circumstances, or do I only hold onto it as long as it is easy, convenient, or profitable? Do I pray for daily intimacy with you or do I run to you as a last resort ? Do whatever You need to do in me, for me, with me, or through me–even in spite of me–to make it so that I obey your Word and that I pray without ceasing 1 Thess 5:17. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


DAY 38 – March 27 Seeking to Rise Spiritually by Increasing Our Personal and Corporate Prayer Life
David: Finding Renewal through Confession
Scriptures: Psalm 51:7-10 (For background to this confession, read 2 Samuel 11-12)

• Praise God for His mercy. Mercy means that God does not treat us as we deserve.
• Thank God for conviction or “good guilt” that drives us into the arms of His forgiving love when we confess.
• Confess any wrong you are aware of that remains unconfessed. Repent.
• Ask for a clean heart, a renewed life and a steadfast spirit.
• Pray that God will give the church sensitivity to sin and a readiness to confess when and if that is needed.
• Thank God for His unspeakable gift. JESUS. 2 Corinthians 9:15
• Pray for God’s people to stand still and hear His voice.
• Pray for those who have lost a love one and the loved one didn’t know Christ.

Spiritual Rise Check Up– Write responses in a journal or notebook
Do you specifically confess your sin to God? Think of a time when sin hampered your relationship with God. What did you do to restore the relationship?

Spiritual Rise Act Meditate on Psalm 51. Let the Spirit teach you important things about confession and restoration from the verses. Write a prayer of confession to the Lord.

DAY 39 – March 28 Seeking to Rise Spiritually by Increasing Our Personal And Corporate Prayer Life
Jehoshaphat : Victory Through Prayer
Scriptures: 2 Chronicles 20: 6, 12 ( Read the story of this victory in 2 Chronicles 20:1-30)

• Praise God for the power and might that are in his hands, and that no one can withstand Him.
• Thank God for his readiness to hear prayer and to deliver those who trust in Him.
• Confess if there is little praise in your prayer. Confess that you have neglected the praise that is important to Him.
• Ask God for a praising heart.
• Pray that the family, which God founded, facing major enemies rallied by the evil one, may be delivered and broken relationships healed. Pray that God will confuse the enemy and cause them to self-destruct or repent.
• Pray that you are growing in your spiritual walk to please God, and that you will continue to pursue your walk, and not go backward, but always forward.
• Pray that you will have favor and good understanding with God first and then with men and women. Proverb 3:4
• Pray for outbreaks of praise to God from the people in our city as they see new displays of Christ’s power.

Spiritual Rise Check Up- Write responses in a journal or notebook
Do you spend time praising God by identifying His attributes?

Spiritual Rise ActDedicate an extended time to praise this week. Meditate on passages like 1 Chronicles 29:10-13 and Psalm 145: 1-7. Write out your own prayer of praise. Adopt the rule of no asking or supplication for the first five to seven minutes of your prayer time.

Linda Fegins, “The Prayer Leader” serves as prayer leader and teacher/trainer on the “Prayer Boot Camp” with the Global Missions Prayer Force and as a guest intercessor and volunteer for Girlfriends Pray a global prayer ministry. She served as Prayer Coordinator for over 13 years( later Director over the Prayer Ministry) for the Lydia Circle Christian Business and Professional Women. As part of the Lydia Circle she has lead over a dozen prayer boot camps, and has lead prayer services and workshops in the Bahamas and in South Africa and was on the prayer team of a medical missions trips to Jamaica under the leadership of Rev. Jackie McCullough. She is also a member of the National Church Prayer Leaders Network and serves as the Prayer Leader of the Intercessory Prayer Ministry of her church