man and woman praying

DAY 12 – February 24- Honoring One Another in Love
40 Day Prayer Journey to Life Transformation
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We have been praying this week about our relationships with our family members. We must begin to deal honestly with negative and sinful attitudes and actions within our homes. God wants our homes to be demonstrations of His love to the world. A lot of what goes on in the home affects our children.

Scriptures: Romans 12:9-21 Philippians 2:1-4

Repent: Of not honoring family members and others who are in close relationship with us: of thinking more highly of ourselves than we ought; of being unwilling to respect and honor others in humility and love; of____________________(feel in the blanks)

Meditate, pray and write down other areas for which you need to repent.


Pray for forgiveness and grace to honor and give preference to our families and close relationships.
• Pray that a spirit of humility would permeate our families that will release love for us to honor and prefer one another
• Pray that holy honor for spouses, parents and children would be restored in our speech, attitudes and actions.
• Pray that the spirit of honoring our parents would be restored in the speech and actions of children
• Pray that family members and church members will have a strong and growing love for God and for others.
• Pray that the church would walk in love for one another without hypocrisy and out of a pure heart..
• Pray for a desire for prayer to be stirred up within all family members and that answers to prayer will occur to build faith and consistency.
• Pray that your family and/or friends will experience rich times of praying together, playing together and worshipping together.

Linda Fegins