There is a man in my house
He’s so big and strong
He goes to work each day and stays all day long
Comes home at night, looking tired and beat…..
I think I’ll color him Father….
I think I’ll color him love.
O.C. Smith, O.C. Smith at Home c. 1970

This month we celebrate Father’s Day. Let’s honor fathers, who may not be perfect, but who love their children, train their children, protect their children and have good relationships with their children.

There have been a lot of negative images projected in the community about fathers, especially black men . However, we cannot allow all fathers to be painted with a negative and dark brush. Last year the week prior to Father’s Day I challenged men and women to share positive comments and reflections about their father. Kimberly Bracey Superintendent of Sunday School, Minetta Hare, entrepreneur and missionary, and Renee Wallace ,known as the Chief Doer and strategist, shared some warm and loving comments about their fathers.

Minetta’s father over 40 years of marriage to her mother, taught her about the importance of supporting your family, faithfulness in your endeavors, how to save and make money and provoked her entreprenurial spirit . Kim Bracey will tell you she thought her father was “God” for the longest because he provided for her and was there everytime she needed him. She talks about her father with so much admiration. Rene’s over 70 year old father still talks as if this middle aged daughter was his responsibility. Jeanette Johnson’s father has been dead for over 12 years but she talks about her father frequently with love and respect. Her honor and respect for his wisdom radiates from her heart for this man who only had a third grade education, but was full of wisdom , strength, and integrity who provided for his children and adored his wife. When she speaks of him you can hear and feel the respect and honor she has for him. It was touching to hear their comments.

Jesse A. Cole, Jr. an author, has stepped up to the challenge of training and working with young males to provide guidance and direction. Cole’s book Walk Like A King: The Young Man’s Guide To Conquering The World ,was written specifically with young men in mind . In responding to a question as to what in Coles experience lead him to help young men walk like kings he responded as follows:

“I have had the privilege of seeing my father and other great men walk out there manhood before me. I’ve seen them at their highest points as well as their lowest. And the way they handles the pressure of manhood was kingly. Because of their examples, I am able to do the same and deposit back into the next generation of young kings.”

And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children , and the heart of the children to their fathers. Malachi 4:6

I challenge you to share and leave your positive comment and reflections about your father, grandfather, stepdad or father figure. Share the color of the loving, positive, supportive relationship you had with the father figure in your life.

Prayer for Fathers

Lord in the name of Jesus, we thank you for fathers who love, train, provide for and protect their children. We pray that fathers will look to God as their ultimate spiritual father of their household, serving and caring for their children and families; we pray that absentee fathers would change their mindset and lifestyles to nurture a relationship with their children. We pray that the Lord will turn the hearts of the father toward their children and the hearts of the children toward their fathers. Malachi 4:6. We pray that children will see the godly character of the heavenly Father in the lives of their dads.
Lord we thank you that you are a Father to the fatherless and One who will never leave nor forsake us. Lord raise up fathers in the church and community to love, nurture, instruct and guide those in need of a father’s blessing. Lord turn the hearts of the fathers toward their children and the children toward their fathers. We pray for single fathers who are raising their children without a spouse to share the love and responsibility for their upbringing. Lord we pray about the disintegration of the family unit in our land, and ask God to restore the foundations both in and out of the church. Psalm 68:5-6; Proverbs 17:6 In the name of Jesus Amen.

Linda Fegins, “The Prayer Leader”. LDFaygo@aol.com copyright 2013