Walk and Pray with Your Kids-Tips and Tools

The summertime is a great opportunity for you to teach your children to pray in a more active way by going outside on family prayer walks through your neighborhood. Here are a few tips to guide your children.
1. Be clear about the goal. This is the time to teach your children how to pray in an engaging way. Secondary benefits such as family conversation can result. The goal of prayer walking is to teach your child to pray.
2. Have a realistic expectation of your children taking into account their age, attention span and willingness to pray out loud.

As you prayer walk together allow the wonders of God’s creation to lead you to praise and thank Him.
a. Ask your children, “What sounds do you hear? If they hear birds singing, praise God for the beauty of birds and their ability to sing.
b. If your child notices a pretty flower say, “Let’s thank God for making flowers”.

Pay attention to the people you see and offer simple prayers for neighbors as you walk past their homes.
a. Jointly ask God to bring your child’s friend to know Jesus.
b. Invite your children to pray specifically and by name:”Please heal Mrs. Brown from cancer”.
c.Ask the Holy Spirit to show your family how to pray for a neighborhood-then pray in faith!

When you prayer walk together, your children will learn to pray by hearing you pray. Keep it fun and praise God for any growth you witness.

(Pointers  from Jeff Mendoza a prayer coordinator for a global international team)