DAY 23 – March 7- Pursing Fellowship and Worship
40 Day Prayer Journey to Life Transformation

The initial week of the Lenten season we were praying about our personal relationship with the Lord. We focused on what should be our primary pursuit of loving the Lord with all heart. The second week we focused on our relationship with our family relationships and the third week our relationship with those in the body of Christ. On Day 21 we focused on repentance and reconciliation in broken relations in our families and with friends and loved ones and between and among congregations. On Day 22 we focused on forgiveness among family members, friends and church members and congregations. Today we focus on fellowship and worship together among family, friends, the community and church members.

Scriptures: Galatians 2:1-10; Philippians 2:1-4: 2 Chronicles 5:2-14; Psalm 95, 150; John 4:21-26.

Repent: Of failing to pursue genuine relationships with fellow believers; of living in separation and isolation from believers in our communities or families because of petty differences; of failing to worship the Lord without division; of not worshipping the Lord with our whole heart and according to the patterns set by the Lord in scripture; of judging styles of worship as more important than the heart of worship; of failing to cultivate an atmosphere of worship together that honors the Father , glorifies Christ and welcomes the Holy Spirit in corporate gatherings.

Action: Meditate, pray, and write down other areas of which to repent and for persons and situations that God places on your heart to pray about or to take action. Forgive.


• Intercede for the body of Christ to fellowship with one another in the breaking of bread, fellowship and in prayer as the early church did continuing steadfastly in prayer, fellowship and the breaking of bread.
• For a commitment by church leaders and congregations to pursue relationships with those who differ from ourselves in race, culture and socio-economics and other areas of distinction.
• Intercede for the church members and leaders to release a fresh passion for worship together.
• For the walls of division created by personal styles, preferences and judgment to be brought down.
• For the church individually and corporately, to create a place where the Holy Spirit would be welcomed in the midst of worship.

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