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DAY 21 – March 5- Pursing Reconciliation in Truth and Love
40 Day Prayer Journey to Life Transformation

The initial week of the Lenten season we were praying about our personal relationship with the Lord. We focused on what should be our primary pursuit of loving the Lord with all heart. The second week we focused on our relationship with our family relationships and the third week our relationship with those in the body of Christ. Today we must focus on repentance and reconciliation in broken relationships in our families and with friends and loved ones and between and among congregations.

Reconcile means-to change, exchange, reestablish, restore relationship, make things right, remove an enmity. Describes the re-establishing of a proper, loving interpersonal relationship which has been broken (Word-Wealth, the Spirit-Filled Life Bible, Nelson Publishers, 1991

Scriptures: 2 Corinthians 5:12-21; Ephesians 2:16-18; Colossians 1:19-23

Repent: Of not being properly reconciled to the Lord and to His children, our family, friends, and other congregations; of allowing disagreements, arguments and self pursuits to keep you separated from others in your family, community and in the body of Christ; of not submitting to the Spirit of truth and love; of not submitting to God’s desire for us to love one another and to be reconciled to one another; of_____________________ ( fill in the blanks) .
Meditate, pray, and write down other areas of which to repent and for persons and situations that God places on your heart to pray about or to take action.


• Repent for the times you have been unforgiving, judgmental, and stubborn
• Ask for forgiveness and for the mind and heart to tear down the wall of division among family members, communities and various congregations and Christian leaders.
• .Ask God to stir a continual heart of repentance in you.
• Pray for families to be burdened with Christ compelling love to be reconciles to one another; for truth and love to cause individuals to pursue reconciliation with those they have suffered a break in a relationship or from whom they have been separated.
• Pray for believers throughout our city to be burdened with Christ’s compelling love to be reconciled to one another.
• Pray for believers throughout the city to pursue reconciliation with those from whom they are separated or with whom they have suffered a break in relationship.
• Pray that the enemy of unity who works division by accusing brother against brother would be defeated by the power of love.
• Ask the Lord to free people from Satan’s trap of isolation, unforgiveness and separation and lead them to the gift of repentance and reconciliation.
• Pray that our family and community will be redeemed and restored through an outpouring of God’s gift of repentance.
Linda Fegins, The Prayer Leader,

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