DAY 8 – February 17th – War Room Prayer Strategy
Scriptures: 1 Thessalonians 5:17; Proverbs 20:18

Elizabeth begins reading the papers taped to Clara’s closet and asks Clara, “You wrote prayers for every area of your life?”

Clara replies, “Yes! A prayer strategy!”

Yes , a war room prayer strategy. This is Day 8 of participating in our 40 Day Prayer Journey, “ War Room Journey: Praying ,Listening to the Lord And Living the Life”. 1 Tim 2: 1-4; Philippians 4:6-7; Deut. 30:20; Galatians 2:2l.”.Step into this forty (40) day prayer journey of repenting and a a season for personal and corporate spiritual renewal during this Lenten time. It is a time for intense study of God’s Word, for meditation, for prayer, and for self-examination.(1) However, its purpose in to make permanent transformation changes to be more like Christ.

Now we will go deeper into the power of prayer and war room prayer strategy based on the movie ”War Room” . Hopefully you saw the movie. If you haven’t please take the opportunity to do so.

In a recent interview, Alex Kendrick said, “We have plans for everything—careers, finances, health. But what about a strategy for prayer for our lives, our spouses, and our children?” The strategy begins by examining your circumstances right now, and visualizing how things should be—and could be. As you pray over these relationships and responsibilities, write down plans and procedures for getting from here to there.

This means producing a prayer strategy so that God can take you from where you are to where He wants you to be. Prayer clears the path to God’s best for your life: His best plans, best opportunities and blessings, His best path and provision for His glory, and His Kingdom purpose in your life.
After seeing War Room, perhaps you want to pinpoint a place of prayer, a “War Room,” in your home, and possibly even a secondary “War Room” in your church, school campus, and workplace. Begin to pray about this and write down your commitment to God to be more specific and strategic in prayer. Ask Him to show you where you can start your prayer closet/War Room.

war room images

It does not necessarily mean emptying your closet, but we all have a space that we can repurpose, even if it is shared space. The Spirit will lead you to pick a place to meet with God each day.
Sometimes we get to post our strategy and Scriptures on the wall, and sometimes we have to keep them secured in a notebook or box that we carry into prayer each day. The important thing is to commit and be consistent; let prayer grow and guide you.

Each day of this calendar will add an opportunity to post something new to grow and sow into your prayer strategy. The devil does not have a fighting chance if you let God do your fighting for you. Start today (Prov. 20:18).*(War Room excerpt comes from Kathy Branzell Kathy Branzell is the author of War Room: A Thirty-Day Boot Camp Response Devotion .)


• Give thanks that God will hear our cries of repentance.
• Ask God to show you a prayer strategy. Listen .
• Pray for your spouse.
• Pray for children and youth.
• Pray for the judges of the United States Supreme Court, and your state and local judges.

Linda Fegins, The Prayer Leader
. Linda Fegins, “The Prayer Leader” serves as prayer leader and teacher/trainer on the “Prayer Boot Camp” with the Global Missions Prayer Force and as a guest intercessor and volunteer for Girlfriends Pray a global prayer ministry. She served as Prayer Coordinator for over 13 years( later Director over the Prayer Ministry) for the Lydia Circle Christian Business and Professional Women. As part of the Lydia Circle she has lead over twenty prayer boot camps, and has lead prayer services and workshops in the Bahamas and in South Africa. She served on the prayer team of a medical mission trip to Jamaica under the leadership of Rev. Jackie McCullough. She also serves as the Prayer Leader for her church’s Intercessory Prayer Ministry

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