“Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in his ways. You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessing and prosperity will be yours. Psalm 128: 1-2 (NIV)

The September 1, 2014, Labor Day holiday will be celebrated by families around the country with picnics, barbecues, and road trips. Working families in hundreds of towns and cities will honor workers and the work they do.

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Due to the fiscal distress of municipalities and politics, many areas of the country have seen challenges and changes to the public employment workplace culture and unions. In the City of Detroit Governor Snyder appointed Emergency Manager Attorney Orr and his team of lawyers, Jones Day, to file Bankruptcy for the City of Detroit. He has implemented changes in the pension plans and benefits that resulted in the suspension of prior benefits and changes in the terms and conditions of the workplaces.

Many have protested, filed objections to the Bankruptcy plan as unfair, and believe that the “grand plan” robs workers of hard earned benefits , undermines the pension system that workers and unions believe that under the Constitution cannot be unilaterally changed, is a backdoor way to destroy unions , reduce the earning of the workers on the ground there is a lack of money , yet gives to corporations and high priced lawyers and hires high price consultants. New employees who the administration wants are hired at higher salaries, while locking in the salaries of workers who have had their salaries reduced by 10% for the last 5 or more years because they will not vote to submit to unfair terms.

God is still good and laborers must work as unto the Lord while they await for justice through the legal system, effective protest, and peaceful challenges.

Let us remember those who helped build this nation through sweat and tears from slaves, domestic workers, and coal miners to those in the automobile industry, manufacturing industry, construction and other areas in which laborers work.Honor those who struggled to pass laws to protect workers’ health and safety and from unfair labor laws.


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In remembering those who work for the good of their families, the community and our nation we can offer prayers for them. In this changing workplace culture we need to pray for laborers in both private and public sectors. Pray:

1. That God will reveal the dignity and honor of work with excellence for a fair return and reasonable benefits.
2. That workplaces would be a setting of safety and a place where workers will be treated with justice, respect and dignity.
3. That workers will be treated fairly and work will not be privatized at rates that are higher than the what laborers were paid for.
4. For continued employment in the changing global economy.
5. That laborers would pray in the workplace where permissible.
6. Pray for wise and fair supervisors and managers.
7. Pray for political leaders to be men and women of integrity, honor and wisdom that make sound decisions that follow God’s standards for the work place in the public sector.
8. Pray for the protection of the pensions and benefits of retirees and those in the labor force around the country, in the City of Detroit and around the nation. Lord protect the fruit of their labor