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DAY 5 – February 17- Following After the Lord 40 Day Prayer Journey to Life Transformation

Throughout Scripture spiritual leaders called people to times of fasting and prayer when the need for transformation was recognized. I pray during this season you are taking the time to fast, pray, repent and reflect.

Scriptures: Psalm 63 ; Luke 9:23-26 ; Joshua 14:8-9

Repent: Of clinging to anything or anyone other than Christ; of pursing worldly, fleshly affections; of following the ways of man and the world rather than the Lord; of inconsistency in pursuing the Lord and His ways.

Receive: A passion for the heart of the Lord to replace the distractions of the world; attitude and love to follow the Lord; restoration of first-love passion for Jesus.

•Pray for the church to become committed to become wholly devoted to the Word and to God’s purpose and will for the Kingdom.
• Worship the Lord as the One who invites us into intimate consultation with Himself.
• Confess to the Lord the ways you have neglected to inquire of Him, yet claim to speak for Him.
• Ask the Lord to teach you how to spend intimate time in His presence, growing in your ability to hear Him.
• Pray that the excuse of lack of time will no longer be a factor in keeping leaders from inquiring of the Lord
• Pray that ministry leaders and people in your city will desire to inquire of the Lord together for your city.
• Pray for the church and you to become committed to following after the Lord.
• Pray that you and the church will replace a complacent attitude and concern for the distractions of the world with a restoration of first love passion for Jesus.
• Pray that the Father would gather and grow a generation of full-hearted worshippers in our church and city.
• Pray for the Lord to add to the church daily those who are being saved. Acts 2:4.
• Pray for ministry leaders to be committed to corporate prayer.
• Pray for those who are unemployed.
• Pray for Families: Pray for solid, God-centered relationships among family members; for families broken up by divorce to be healed.
Linda Fegins ,the Prayer Leader Feb. 17,2013