Praying Through Difficult Choices

Making decisions can be difficult. Often there is a lot at risk. Our choices have the power to change our lives for the better-or for the worse. Making a choice certainly means taking a risk. We may fear not succeeding, undergoing displeasure from family or friends, or being eventually frustrated by our choice.

Many people have never been shown how to make prayerful decisions, especially decisions about their career or vocation. When we are unsure what criteria to use in selecting a career, we may look primarily at material factors like compensation, or ultimately make choices based on our instinct or feelings about the possibilities. We may know that there are other factors we should consider, but are unsure what they are.

To further confuse the situation, we may also wonder, “Isn’t finding my purpose a mysterious spiritual process instead of a logical process? Could it really be a calling if it is something I have decided to do instead something to which God has directed?” These kinds of questions stem in part from our struggle in knowing how to strike a balance between our humaneness and the divine.

Considering the frustrations of making choices, it is understandable why some people avoid it. Instead of making choices, they tend to let their path through life be molded by outside circumstances and choices others make for them. They may use phrases like “I didn’t choose this career, it kind of happened” or “I just found myself in this situation, but it’s not what I really wanted to do” which convey a sense of just letting life happen instead of purposely choosing a route.

Many Christians struggle with knowing what to do when they are faced with important decisions about their life. Is it up to God to guide or up to us to decide? The key to resolving this dilemma is through prayer, realizing that it is both: God promises to guide and you are called to choose.

3 Steps to Praying Through Difficult Choices

  1. When faced with difficult choices get still and use paper and pen. Listen for God’s still small voice inside of you and write down whatever prompts, thoughts or feelings that you may have.
  2. Outside influences can cause people to lose focus and not have clarity which makes hearing from God a lot more difficult. Take time out periodically to walk in nature and talk with God making sure to balance the time talking and listening.
  3. Realize how powerful it is being connected to God who hears and sees all things.  Doing so helps ease the burden of having to make difficult choices alone. Praying for wisdom is one of the most powerful prayers.

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