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During the first week of September articles have urged us to unite and daily pray for our children Prayer points for school children/teens, teachers, administrators and parents have been posted.See for example https://ladyofprayer.com/?p=1404

Let’s empower the children and teens to pray. Young people need to be nurtured in prayer at home. There are practical ways to train and equip children to pray. Start now teaching them to pray. As parents you should be modeling the life of parents for them. Kim Butts is the author of The Praying Family (Moody c 2002) provides very practical steps to teaching your child to pray.

Prayer Action-Teach and let the children pray.:
Prayer principles:
1. Kids prayers are as important as adults. Let children know and see that God has an important work for them to do in prayer. He wants their prayers.Let them know that they can pray anytime, anywhere and about anything.

2.Telling God the truth- Teach children the importance of confessing sin with repentant hearts so their prayers will not be hindered.

3. Worship and adore God- Teach children the delight of honoring God and wanting to be in God’s presence.

4. God is faithful and will answer their prayers- Teach children to pray in Jesus’ name and ask according to His will. Let them know answers may not be what they want,but the answers will always be what ‘s best for them /us.

5. Pray for the things that are on God’s heart.-Teach children to read and pray through God’s Word. It is a powerful way to begin learning what is on God’s heart.

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Prayer Action: Ways to Get Kids Involved in Corporate Prayer
Kids can learn to pray like adults.

Kim Butts author of The Praying Family gives these suggestions.

1. Invite kids to become prayer missionaries. Give them information about the missionaries the church supports or a missionary . Then allow the kids to pray for them.

2. Have the kids pray for the pastor and worship leaders before a meeting or worship service.

3. Match a child intercessor with an adult intercessor and ask the pair to pray before , during or following the worship service.

4. Make the church prayer meetings family friendly and intergenerational.

5. Give them a simple prayer assignments each week. Ask them to pray for you .

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Prayer action Steps:
1. Give kids special prayer assignments. Give them an assignment to pray for the neighbors, a sick person, their school, for children in different countries. Ask for them to pray about certain events they may hear about.

2.Put maps on the wall and teach children to pray for unreached people groups and the children of the world.

3. Encourage children to pray at home, praying before leaving for school, day care, or to spend the day with a babysitter, can help children of all ages start the day off right. This is a great time to pray for teachers, friends, and for help with classes or peer relationships.
4. Five Finger Prayer
This game was recommended by Children’s Pastor Julie Scheibe, who says that young children are accustomed to learning through games that help them remember facts and concepts. To do the Five Finger Prayer, have the kids hold their hands together in prayer, using each finger as a guide:
• Thumb: Say a prayer for those closest to you.
• Pointer: Say a prayer for school teachers and Sunday School teachers.
• Middle: Say a prayer for the president.
• Ring: Say a prayer for the sick.
• Pinky: Say a prayer for yourself.
• CTS Prayer for children

5. Start a prayer group that meets regularly to teach about and practice prayer. This is a way to train older children and teens.

Ideas from Kim Butts author of The Praying Family