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DAY 34– March 14th – God’s Love and Faithfulness

Scriptures:   Psalm 32; Romans 1:9-10; 10:1

Part of living out a strategy is to remember where you came from and where you are going. We are all sinners in need of a Savior. Once upon a time, we were on our way to eternal despair and punishment in view of God’s holy wrath. But Jesus came, and now those who believe and trust in Him as Lord and Savior have eternal life! You are a child of God, created in love and with amazing purpose!*

Write down your answered prayers. Look at your list of answered prayers when you lose sight of God’s faithfulness and write down promises about your future from Scripture. Rejoice always! (Ps. 32)*( Kathy Branzell)



  • Praise God for His mercy and faithfulness. Mercy means that God does not treat us as we deserve.
  • Thank God for His unspeakable gift. JESUS. 2 Corinthians 9:15
  • Pray for God’s people to stand still and hear His voice and then to obey His voice.
  • Pray for those who are grieving.
  • Pray for Messiah’s Transportation Ministry.


Linda Fegins, The Prayer Leader,


DAY 35– March 15th – How Vibrant Is Your Prayer Life: Hot or Cold/ Bright or Dull?

Scriptures:   Exodus 33:12–23; Luke 6:18

On Day 5, I asked, “So how ‘vibrant’ is your relationship with God?” I also asked you to examine and write down some adjectives, characteristics, and evidences that described your current relationship with Jesus. You also described your daily interaction and affection toward Him, how many times you think about Him during the day, and how often you talk with Him, thank Him, or give Him credit for something good or beautiful.*

I asked the question, “Is prayer your first response or your last resort?” To quote Miss Clara, “Would you say your prayer life is hot or cold?”*

You have been on a very intense prayer journey! This month has been about writing a strategic battle plan for specific areas of your life. I am sure the enemy has fired back at you more than once; I know it has been difficult to build a habit of planned prayer time as well as writing down all of the tactical parts of your strategy. I know you have been challenged. No battle is easy, and I pray you have seen God’s hand move as you have sought His face each day.*

Now, 23 days later, I want to ask you again, “How ‘vibrant’ is your relationship with God?” Write down how your relationship with Him has changed and thank Him for the growth and guidance. I pray this has been a time of deep discipleship and that you have developed new and profound disciplines in prayer. Think about all that you have posted on your War Room wall/ notebook, and all the prayers you have prayed.

The battle is not over as long as we are still breathing, so be as bold as Moses and ask God for more of Him and His blessings (Exodus 33:12–23).*(Kathy Branzell)


  • Thank God for his readiness to hear prayer and to deliver those who trust in Him.
  • Confess if there is little praise in your prayer. Confess that you have neglected the praise that is important to Him.
  • Pray that you are growing in your spiritual walk and prayer life to please God, and that you will continue to pursue your walk, and not go backward, but always forward.
  • Pray that you will have favor and good understanding with God first and then with men and women. Proverb 3:4
  • Pray for outbreaks of praise to God from the people in our city as they see new displays of Christ’s power.

Linda Fegins, The Prayer Leader


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Vibrant Prayer Relationship

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DAY 12 – February 21st – Vibrant Prayer Relationship .

Scripture: Isaiah 55; Proverbs 1:5

In a recent interview Stephen Kendrick said, “Prayer is so much more than people realize. It can powerfully affect every problem and need in our lives if engaged from within a vibrant prayer relationship with God.”

So how “vibrant” is your relationship with God? Write down some adjectives, characteristics, and evidences that describe your current relationship with Jesus. Describe your daily interaction and affection toward Him. How many times do you think about Him during the day? How often do you talk with Him, thank Him, or give Him credit for something good or beautiful? Is prayer your first response or your last resort?

One of the biggest mistakes made in prayer is that we make it about us. We think that we only need to talk to God when we need something. But that is not how any successful relationship communicates. If your write your spouse a love note, or a friend a thank-you note, you do not fill it with ways they can make your life better and easier. You thank them for all they have done and the meaning that they have already brought to your life.

Love expresses and affirms affection without attaching a required expectation at the end of the sentence. We do not say, “You bring so much joy to my life, so give me $50.” Practice praying throughout your day; a sentence here, a thought there that just tells God how much you love and appreciate Him. Practice making your requests in the mindset of His will, so He receives glory and His Kingdom is impacted.


A happy marriage glorifies God, so does an addict who recovers, a prodigal who repents and comes home, a bill that gets paid, a church that is filled with people who have a heart for prayer, worship and service, etc. Abiding in Him teaches us to value what He values, not the other way around. Write down ways to praise and thank Him as you see Him move in your requests, and in your relationship (Isa. 55).*


• Ask God to search your heart and life and to reveal to you any sin you may need to deal with.
• Pray a prayer of praise and thanksgiving.
• Ask God for spiritual blessings, for ministry opportunities and empowerment for service.
• Pray that the gospel may reach the unsaved, unchurched and those hurt by church “folk” such that they may be saved and their hearts and minds are renewed.
• Ethnic Communities: Psalm 22:27 – that God would bring racial harmony; that long standing offenses may be healed by the forgiveness which begins in Jesus; that Christians show honor and act in Christ’s reconciling power; that many churches would demonstrate the redemptive purpose of God in the beauty of the distinctive languages and cultures.
• Pray for President Obama and his family.

Linda Fegins, The Prayer Leader 2/21/2016

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