prayer weaponsuperthumbDAY 21 – March 1st – Prayer A Powerful Weapon

Scriptures:   Luke 11:9–13;   James 5: 14-16


In a recent interview, Pricilla Shirer said, “Prayer is the most powerful weapon the church has to unlock the activity of heaven on earth.”


It is important to write out a prayer strategy for every area of your life, but there is nothing powerful about writing them and taping them to a wall. No strategy will ever be successful without a leader that is devoted to its success, and your devotion is expressed through your consistent, faith-filled prayers.


Prayer moves the hands that move the universe. Prayer invites God to glorify Himself in our needs and weakness. Prayer confesses desperation for God and sets our attention on His ability and authority to make things right and make people righteous. God not only heals, He restores, redeems, and can make things even greater than you can imagine or dream if you set your heart on His will.


Write down Pricilla’s quote and post it in your War Room. Prepare and commit to using this weapon frequently throughout the day and night, to not only unlock the door, but to usher in the activity of heaven into your relationships and circumstances (Luke 11:9–13).*



  • Pray for God’s healing touch to be upon the sick in the community.
  • Pray for God to provide you prayer strategies and that you will recognize His voice and do His will.
  • For God to rise up men and women of integrity, faith and love to places of spiritual and secular authority throughout the church and the city.
  • Pray for children and youth.
  • Pray for the judicial system : your local court system and the United States Supreme Court.

Linda Fegins , The Prayer Leader

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DAY 22 – March 2nd – Study the Word

Scriptures: Psalm 112; Psalm 81:8


Beth Moore recently said, “God waits to see a generation that will take Him at His Word. Let’s be that generation.”


Is there a part of God’s Word that you have not believed? Is there a promise that you disbelieve? A command you disregard or something you do or say that regularly disrespects God? It is vital that you believe God’s Word from beginning to end; you do not get to pick and choose through the stories and verses.


If you have any questions make an appointment with your pastor, and read some Christian books on the reliability of the Bible such as The Case for the Bible by Lee Strobel. Read, pray, and write down a strategy that professes your faith and commitment to God’s Word. Believe it! Memorize it! Write down verses and post them in your War Room. Let it guide and guard your heart and life (Psalm 112).*



  • Pray that Christians and members of your church, including yourself, would study, meditate and pray the Word of God on a consistent basis.
  • Pray that all divisions, dissention and disagreements that keep the churches from walking together as the body of Christ cease and that forgiveness occurs.
  • Pray for the heartbroken and lonely.
  • Pray for those who are grieving because of death, divorce or lost.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will convict unsaved persons you know (name them), bringing them to repentance and faith and guiding them into all truth.


Linda Fegins, The Prayer Leader


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