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Prayer Book Project
The Lydia Circle of Global Christian Business Women, Global Missions Prayer Force and Faith At Work Ministries International (FAWM)
Invite you to share your story about the Power of Prayer
Become a published author

“And the Lord answered me and said, Write the vision and engrave it so plainly upon tablets that everyone who passes may (be able to) read it…. “(Habakkuk 2: 2 AMP Bible)

Title: The Prayerbook Project: Celebrating the Power of Prayer in our Lives

Submission Deadline: August 15 by email prayerbook2012@gmail.com
Email prayerbook2012@gmail.com- to obtain Submission Guidelines


Word Count:

300 to 1500 words. Send a 50 to 100 word bio and a jpeg photo. 12 font. Microsoft Word.

All work must be the original work of the author and published first in the project.

The Lydia Circle, Global Missions Prayer Force and Faith at Work Ministries are excited to announce the opportunity for you to share your true stories, poems and testimonies about your prayer experiences and become a published author in our book.

I know each of you can testify as to how God has answered prayer. So why not write your story or provide an article to encourage and empower others and to glorify God .The purpose is to show how the power of prayer works in your life, to motivate and to encourage others to make prayer a daily part of their life and to glorify God!

Accordingly, “The Prayer Book Project” is a collection of true short stories, articles or testimonies about the following: your experience in learning to pray, experience on the prayer line, experience on the prayer boot camp, how God answered your prayer in adverse circumstances or in life’s stressful moments, how God’s ‘no” answer was a blessing and the best answer in a situation, the power of praying in unity, and how prayer changed you in a situation. The story can be funny or serious.

Who Can Be a Contributing Author? Men, women and children-All are invited. Share this with friends and your ministry.

Submission Deadline:
August 15 Email to prayerbook2012@gmail.com-


Yes there will be. If interested write prayerbook2012@gmail.com-

Author Benefits

• The opportunity to become a published author and to submit a short author bio that can include your website to promote your business.
• Each author will retain the copyrights to their own material. You are providing permission for the use of your story or article in the book.
• Retain reprint rights of your own work.
• The best thing to authoring your own book and at a minimal cost.
• Your original story will be professionally published in a book.
• The opportunity to list your name and website with a short author bio.
• A complimentary copy of the physical book. (Yes , you can order more and sell it).
• Contributing authors are welcome to sell the book on their own.
• Another stream of financial revenue where you determine your results.
• Co-authors behind you promoting and marketing the book to their audience.

Email address: For more specific information and for answers to questions regarding the Prayer Book Project only.
Send name, email and telephone.
Email: prayerbook2012@gmail.com

Minetta Hare: Visionary of the Project as well as Founder of the Global Missions Prayer Force, Lydia Circle and Faith at Work Ministries
Beverly Jordan: President of Lydia Circle

The Lydia Circle for Christian, Inc. reserves the right to accept or reject any contributing author application and/or work submitted to The Prayer Book Project.

Submission Deadline: August 15
To obtain Submission Guidelines-email prayerbook2012@gmail.com

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