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The day after Labor Day around the country usually marks the first day of school for most of our children and youth. We send up prayers of protection and safety for our children. I have encouraged you to join us in praying for our school age children , youth and college students this month.

This time also marks the season that parents have to get ready for the school season and be prepared for the first day of school as well.

I smile as you see pictures and cartoons of parents that are so glad school has started that they celebrate that the children will be out of the house.

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But single and two parents families need prayer and encouragement, as entrepreneur and award winning author and mother of five Camille Jamerson expounded about single parents:

Special love and prayers to my fellow single moms( or dads) especially with multiple kids. I know you are posting *back to school* pics and smiling on the outside but I know that inner anxiety and frustration that creeps up this time of year as you struggle to figure out how you’re going to get it all done when it’s just you.

As a parent of children heading to school and college, I am sure you are especially sensitive of this experience and you are looking for ways to ease the transition for you and your family. May God bless you today parents, guardians, or caretakers . Here is a prayer to fortify and empower you:

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Dear Lord, our loving Father,

Lord I thank you for my/our children. They are a true blessing and rich treasure. Help me always to value them in the same way you value them.
Lord guide me and the Mothers and Fathers as they send their children to school or off to college for the very first time or back to school again. Give me peace and clarity. Let me/us be anxious for nothing but by prayer and supplication seek you. Lord I know that you are hiding my child under your protective wings and the Blood of Jesus. Let divine order go forth then Lord and give me/us peace in You.

Help me Lord to walk in love and divine order and not allow stress, school assignments and school activities to overwhelm me and to act unkind or rashly to my children.
Lord let me be a loving parent. May I be my children’s safe place. Teach me to manage my home well and to raise obedient and respectful children. Show me Lord how a parent should nurture and care for his/her children.

Lord I commit myself to the important responsibility of training my children in the way they should go. Bring them to full salvation through faith in Jesus.
Lord I pray for strength, grace, resources, WISDOM and peace of mind for myself and the Mothers, Moms , Mamas, and Dads and Fathers. I beseech you to me/us wisdom to be the most effective parent I /we can through the blood of Jesus to make daily decisions about the discipline and nurturing of my/our children. Help me/us each day to be conscious of the need to bring my/our children up in your nurture and admonition.
Fill me/us with the spirit of wisdom that I/we might discern your will, Father when it comes to making decisions that affect the future and well-being of my/our child. With you Lord I/we have strength and wisdom.
Father, I/we need your wisdom. Let my mouth speak wisdom, love and blessings to my children. Turn my heart to my children, and the hearts of my children to me, so that our home and the school year may be blessed. Amen.

Ephesians 6:4 ;James 3:15-17; Psalm 37:30: Exodus 28:3; Job 12:13; Luke 18:16; Psalms 40:8;1 Tim 3:4 NIV ; Phil 4:6-7( some of this prayer is adopted from Prayers That Prevail for Your Children, Richards & Hildebrand).
Linda Fegins, The Prayer Leader September 7, 2016

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