DAY 10 – – February 22 – Forgiving One Another: Heal Broken Relationships
40 Day Prayer Journey to Life Transformation

As we continue to pray and study about transforming our relationships in the home, we must begin to deal honestly with the sins within our homes. We want and God intended for our homes to demonstrate His love to the world.

Scriptures: Mark 11:25-26; John 20: 19-23; Eph. 4:31-32; Col. 3:12-13

Repent: Of harboring unforgiveness and resentments against family member; of allowing petty disagreements to disrupt unity and love; of not demonstrating forgiveness toward one another; of justifying and excusing unforgiveness in ourselves.

Receive: Forgiveness, as you forgive others, remembering that Jesus taught that :If you forgive men_________________. But if you do not forgive men___________(. Matthew 6:14-15, ( Fill in the blanks and Obey).

Pray:• Pray for forgiveness to permeate families and in particular your family.
• That the Holy Spirit would empower Christians to be the first to forgive.
• That our families would be free from the destructive power of unforgiveness and the damage that comes from holding on to past hurt or resentments.
• For the Holy Spirit will bring a wave of forgiveness in our city to soften hearts, penetrate barricades of fear and mend fractured relationships.
• That love would be released to cover a multitude of sins within families so restoration and healthy relationship might abound.
• Pray that parents will be diligent in disciplining their children and to train them to walk in forgiveness and obedience.

Spiritual Health Check Up- Write responses in a journal or notebook

Forgiveness in Relationships: What person in the family household do you need to forgive and /or to seek forgiveness and reconciliation? Pray and based on the Word what action must you take? Go to that wife, husband, mother, sister or brother and ask forgiveness or reconciliation.
What relationships in your family do you need to show appreciation for and improve upon? Thank God for others in your family, congregation or circle of friends. Tell God the specific things about them for which you are thankful. Now tell them.
What person(s) in the church household do you need to forgive and/or to seek forgiveness and reconciliation? Go to that sister or brother and ask forgiveness or reconciliation.

Linda Fegins, The Prayer Leader, February 11, 2013

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