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Rise Spiritually: -Days 12-15 of 40 Day Prayer Journey

We have arrived at the 12th Day of the 40 Day Prayer Journey. Hopefully each of you will join me in this 40 Day Prayer Journey to rise spiritually in the ways and will of God. Step into this forty (40) day prayer journey and adventure of repenting and praying toward the desires and promises of God to enable us to grow in our spiritual walk. Let each of us as individuals and as a corporate body grow in grace, in service and deed, in love for God and each other and into a lifestyle of individual and corporate prayer.
The Lenten Season (February 18 to April 4, 2015) is a time of repentance, self-examination, fasting and prayer in preparation for Resurrection Sunday (Easter). As you pray through the 40 Days of Prayer Journey allow the Lord to examine your life thoroughly.

Suggested Guidelines
During the Forty Day Prayer Journey it is suggested that you:
1. Fast at least one day per week,
2. Select a Prayer Partner or two (Triplett) to pray together at least once a week as you determine for your schedule.
3. Daily pray the intercessory daily prayer focus and prayer points for that date. Read the Bible and the scriptures.
4. Read the scriptures listed in the daily prayer focus. Answer the questions in your journal if there are any for that day and write down your reflections. Meditate on the Word each day.
5. Make an entry in your journal each day or as led by the Holy Spirit. Make sure you the complete the “Something to Act On” exercise section where it appears from time to time in the daily prayer focus.

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40 Day Prayer Journey

DAY 12 of 40 Day Prayer Journey – March 1 Follow After the Lord

Scriptures: Psalm 63 ; Luke 9:23-26

Repent: Of pursing worldly, fleshly affections; of following the ways of man and the world rather than the Lord; of inconsistency in pursuing the Lord and His ways.

• Pray for the church to become committed to become wholly devoted to the Word and to God’s purpose and will for the Kingdom.
• Pray for the church and you to become committed to following after the Lord.
• Pray that you and the church will replace a complacent attitude and concern for the distractions of the world with a restoration of first love passion for Jesus.
• Pray for the Lord to add to the church daily those who are being saved. Acts 2:4.
• Pray for ministry leaders to be committed to corporate prayer.
• Pray for those who are unemployed.-Pray that God will meet the needs of those without work in a way that they can thank God for his provision; that they will sound find meaningful employment and glorify God for it.

 Something to Act On: Meditate on the scripture. Write down what you need to put in the hands of God and wait on the Lord for an answer to enable you to rise to the spiritual ways of the Lord rather than you acting in your flesh.

DAY 13 – March 2 Inquire of the Lord About What He Desires

Scriptures: Judges 20; Psalm 27:4-5

Repent: Of not inquiring of the Lord regarding what He desires, or the direction He would have us to go; and of not inquiring of the Lord regarding instructions and strategies for ministry.

• Pray that those with mixed emotions and who stagger between both the world and the Lord would choose whom they will serve and come to know Christ.
• Pray for a desire to know the will of the Lord.
• Ask God the direction He would have you to go or His will for your life in a certain situation.
• Pray for the ministry leaders to seek direction, instruction and empowerment from the Lord first before they plan activities, events and actions.
• Pray for the military: for God to extend the gospel message through the special relationships of military life; for courage and protection in the danger of battle; for wisdom as military personnel are called upon to do the work of governing and enforcing law; for grace upon chaplains and other spiritual leaders; that God will fortify families who have been separated.
• Pray for the political leaders in the City of Detroit or your city.

 Something to Act On: Meditate on the scripture. Inquire of the Lord what action you should take to handle a situation. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you pray as you should. Pause. Listen.

DAY 14 – March 3 Serve the Lord

Scriptures: Psalm 100; Hebrews 9:11-15

Repent: Of serving without joy or unity of the Spirit with brothers and sisters in the body of Christ; of serving out of law and not of love and of serving with impure intentions, goals, and/or reasons.

• Pray that each ministry will develop a team with one spirit and one mind that enjoy their service in the ministry.
• Pray for unity within the church.
• Poor: For God to establish the poor so that their spiritual and physical needs are met with dignity and stability; that God will release them from hidden cycles of oppression and despair; that God will reverse any curse and multiply blessing.
• Pray that believers will witness for Christ through their lives and words.
• Ask God what more can you do to serve our church and community.
• Pray for a fresh anointing to serve with joy, gladness, passion and power.

 Something to Act On: Meditate on the scripture. Examine your conduct in serving the Lord at church and in the community. What action do you need to take to truly show that you are rising in the spiritual in your commitment to serve the Lord with all your heart. Write down your response.

DAY 15 – March 4 Live a Life of Prayer and Intercession

Scriptures: 1 Samuel 12: 20-25; Eph. 6:10-18; Phil 4:4-9

Repent: Repent of failing to cultivate a lifestyle of prayer, and failing to be proactive rather than reactive in prayer.

Reflect: If someone wrote a theme for your life, would prayer be a key theme in it?

• Ask the Lord that prayer and intercession will increase in purity, passion and power in you, the church and throughout the city.
• Pray that those who are called to mobilize, lead and encourage others in prayer will be raised up, trained and equipped throughout the church.
• Pray for the Intercessory Prayer Team Ministry. Call them by name.
• Pray that church members will seek to gather together for corporate prayer and that the manifestation of the Holy Spirit would come upon every prayer gathering or meeting in our church and in the city.
• Pray that your city will be transformed as we cry in humble and faith-filled intercession.
• Confess any shortcoming in your prayer life of which you are aware.
• Ask God to teach you to pray with love, power and authority.
• Thank God for the Holy Spirit that helps us when we don’t know what to pray for. Romans 8:26

 Something to Act On: Examine your prayer life. Ask God to reveal to you the areas of your prayer life you need to rise to the spiritual ways of God.

Linda Fegins, “The Prayer Leader” serves as prayer leader and teacher/trainer on the “Prayer Boot Camp” with the Global Missions Prayer Force and as a guest intercessor and volunteer for Girlfriends Pray a global prayer ministry. She served as Prayer Coordinator for over 13 years( later Director over the Prayer Ministry) for the Lydia Circle Christian Business and Professional Women. As part of the Lydia Circle she has lead over a dozen prayer boot camps, and has lead prayer services and workshops in the Bahamas and in South Africa and was on the prayer team of a medical missions trips to Jamaica under the leadership of Rev. Jackie McCullough. She is also a member of the National Church Prayer Leaders Network and serves as the Prayer Leader of the Intercessory Prayer Ministry of her church.