The evil and senseless mass shooting tragedies of El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio mark the 22 mass killing of 2019 in the U.S., according to the AP/USA Today/Northeastern University mass murder database that tracks homicides where four or more people were killed — not including the offender. The 20 mass killings in the U.S. in 2019 that preceded that weekend claimed 96 lives.

Shootings and killings at our schools , churches and in our community have broken my heart, pricked my heart and raised some controlled righteous anger, as it has others also. Lord have mercy. Pray for the families. How can we pray in the midst of mass shootings?

Call upon the Lord “Lord we need thee and we call upon you”. Psalm 145:18. Then after we pray and continue to pray, arise let us take righteous action to stop and address this evil.

We want to pray proactively  using the Word of God as a source of our prayer. So how can we pray when such senseless tragedies arise? I have prayed, read some articles written by great intercessors such as Sandra Higley and Lani Hinkle , and others and sought God’s Word.

How can we pray in response to the mass shootings in the midst of death, pain, shock and anger? What do we do to address this evil? Sandra Higley and Lani Hinkle in their article “ Praying in the Middle of Senseless Tragedies” copyright 1999 stated:

“When we hear about yet another random act of violence, our first response is usually to pray away the pain or pray that this will never happen again. But how can we pray beyond the fear and shock, beyond the most obvious needs, for the issues of the Kingdom?” Id.

In the wake of evil mass shootings and senseless tragedies that are becoming more and frequent here are prayer points that can lead us to the throne of grace. In the midst of pain , heartbreak and actions that defy human understanding we still must pray and seek the Lord. The following prayer points will serve as a guide for your prayers in the wake of the evil we see.


Though it is difficult, start with praise. Focus on God’s character.

Praise God that He is sovereign, that He has ultimate control over it all, and that nothing takes Him by surprise (Is. 45:5-7). ( Sandra Higley and Lani Hinkle supra),


Ask God to use this situation to bring unprecedented spiritual openness to people affected by the tragedy, and ask Him to show His face to them.
Ask God to bless the ministry that will be thrust upon the church(es) or community affected by the tragedy. Ask Him to empower them with a powerful witness when they are called upon to speak about or reflect on the situation.
Ask God to stand against the enemy’s attempts to make families experience unresolved anger or guilt over the loss of loved ones.
Ask God to focus the minds of public officials on the need for prayer and to provide people who will continue to pray for the situation.
Ask God to equip leaders who will be called upon to mentor and minister to people in the aftermath of tragedy (Heb. 13:20-21).
Ask God—for yourself and others—for a passion and love for Christ that drives out fear (1 Jn. 4:18).( Sandra Higley and and Lani Hinkle)


Thank God that the enemy has made a tactical error since persecution/trial has always strengthened the Church, and that God will use for good what Satan has intended for harm (Gen. 50:20-21).
Thank God for the people who will be drawn to seek God’s face because the overwhelming nature of the tragedy leaves them nowhere else to turn (Jon. 2:1-9).
Thank God for a vivid reminder of your own mortality and vulnerability, asking Him to prepare your heart and spirit for a faithful response when you are faced with tragedy personally.
In the case of martyrs: thank God for the blood of martyred victims, whose number will reveal God’s ultimate glory (see Rev. 6:9). (Sandra Higley and and Lani Hinkle)

Furthermore, pray as follows:

1. Pray for God’s peace and comfort to fall upon all affected. (Pray Psalm 86:17)

2. Pray that this trend of school and church shootings would cease, via the power of God and wisdom of police and security experts. (Pray Psalm 11:5)

3. Pray that American politicians would unite in the midst of this tragedy and work together to lead a safer country instead of fighting and blaming. Pray that politicians would not seek to destroy their “political enemies” in the heat of this proverbial summer. (Pray Psalm 32:3-4)

4. Pray that Christians would respond to this in compassionate ways instead of using this event to merely push opinions of gun control. (Pray Psalm 116:5)

5. Pray for a sweeping revival to come to America. We must come back to God. (Pray Psalm 9:9) (5 Ways Christians Should Pray Following a Mass Shooting Dr. Jeremy Roberts, Pastor)

Fervently pray,
Linda Fegins “The Prayer Leader”copyright August 2019