My heart is heavy for our cities, not just mine ,which is the City of Detroit . Right now I say Lord we need forgiveness , deliverance and healing from the violence, unrighteousness and idolatry. We pray that a spirit of Nehemiah will arise to rebuild the cities with love, peace, righteousness, and preserverance to glorify God. We pray that a spirit of repentance will cover the city.

Name your city and we can pray together.

I challenge each of you to prayerwalk your block or a school and business in your neighborbood. Pray for household salvation, restoration, peace and reconciliation. Call the names of the schools and buisnesses. Let’s report on our united efforts , although we may be in different cities around the nation and world. Let’s testify as to how prayer has changed your city, neighborhood or school.

Some Prayer Points.
1. Use 2 Chronicles 7:14
2. Pray for God’s spirit of prayer and supplication to be poured out in the city.
3. Pray for those in authority in your city.
4.Ask God to bless those who base business practice in righteousness. 5. Pray that God would frustrate plans that escalate injustice, violence, unrighteouness and shake the dominion of mammon and greed.
6. Pray for a spirit of repentance t obe released for sin and unrighteouness and that a release of God’s grace in the city. Matt.12:29,Col 2:15
7. Pray for revival in your city.

Pray Fervently, Linda Fegins May 2010 update August 12,2011
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