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strong>DAY 6 – February 15th – Get Ready to Listen
Scriptures: Psalms 16:7, 43:3; Isaiah 30:21

Thank you for joining the 40 Day War Room Prayer Journey. We started this Lenten season seeking the Lord for repentance for the first two days. When seeking the Lord we should want to commune with the Lord. Prayer is a two way conversation. Thus, we should seek and get ready to listen to the Lord and learn His voice. Day 3 to 7 we are talking about our prayer conversation with the Lord.

Don’t forget your journal, Bible, and to have a listening ear and teachable spirit.

So how can you begin to hear God speak to you? First, begin your prayer time by confessing any sin you know stands between you and God. Ask His forgiveness and allow Him to silence the voice of guilt and shame that discourages you from seeking His presence. *

Second, spend periods of your prayer time in complete silence, listening for God to respond to your praise, appreciation, questions, and pleas.*

Third, listen with a discerning heart and an open Bible. God will not contradict Himself; He will not lead you down a path of unrighteousness or turn His head for the sake of your earthly “happiness.” He will not give an approving nod to sin and He will not send you out on a journey alone.*
God also speaks so that He receives glory in the story of how He made the impossible, possible—how He provided in your need and how the blessings that follow obedience to His ways always exceed anything the world has to offer.*

*(Excerpt from Kathy Branzell from Listen Up God Still Speaks Today in Prayer Connect Magazine Issue 18, 2014)

ListenToGod_0< Pray:
• Pray for every member of the body of Christ to listen to the Lord and discover his/her purpose and place in the Kingdom and in the body of Christ.
• Pray for each member to walk faithfully in God’s gifting and calling to build up others.
• Pray for each member within the body to accept, honor, and work together purposefully and in harmony with various parts of the body at your church.
• Pray for those who have suffered calamity or crisis in their families. Pray that peace and unity bind affected families together in love.
• Pray for missionaries. Pray that God will provide favor, protection, resources and laborers.
Linda Fegins, The Prayer Leader