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The Main Tool To Overcoming Rejection by Keith Taylor , II


Rejection can happen to anyone and does every day. It can cause different emotions in a person, which causes them to handle it in different ways. For example, when a person feels rejected they may experience depression.

The first suggestion for overcoming rejection (many will tell you) is the clinical approach. You know sitting on the couch telling a psychtriast your problems and than being prescribed medicines. However, there is another solution and it is the main tool to overcoming rejection.

The tool is having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It means staying rooted and grounded in God’s word and understanding that you will be rejected but the way you handle that rejection makes all the difference. It also means taking all that you are feeling about being rejected and turning it over to God. It is important you remember that you can overcome anything with God because He is your strength.


Keith Taylor II is a freelance writer, pastor, mentor and graduate of Crossroads Bible College in Indianapolis. He started at a young age ministering about the Word of God to area juvenile detention centers, prisons, churches, and conferences. Keith Taylor II is known as “Mr. Inspiration” and with his heart for mentoring has concentrated on helping at risk youth. He focuses on bringing to light issues that have been hidden or avoided. He currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana with his lovely wife Jasmine and is working on his next title. Visit Keith Taylor II online at

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Altars of the Heart , Author April L. Minger


About The Author


April Minger was born and raised in Springfield, Ohio. After graduating from high school, April joined the United States Air Force. April works in the Insurance and Health Care fields, and also has a Master’s degree in Business, graduating with honors, and is a member of the Alpha Beta Kappa Chapter of The National Honor Society. She currently resides in Fort Drum, New York, where her husband serves on active duty as a member of the United States Army. April and her husband of eighteen years have two children.

About The Book


Do events from your past continue to play over and over in your mind? Do you feel like your relationship with God is not where it should be? Are you looking for a deeper worship experience?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I have some good news for you. The answer may seem far away, but it’s actually much closer than you think.
Altars of the Heart will take you on a journey to rediscover who you are and give you authentic tools to help you connect back to walking hand-in-hand with God through deeper worship.
The knowledge and insight that you will gain from reading this book will take you to a life of newfound liberation from insecurities, fear, doubt, shame, and un-forgiveness.
You will be encouraged to do an internal “heart” examination, to re-evaluate how you interact with others, make choices and worship the Lord.
The Word of God specifically states in the book of Hosea 4:6, that my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. I issue a challenge to you to open this book, and allow your life to experience freedom from bondage and finally discover your path to deeper worship.
Open this book, and let’s have a heart to heart conversation!

Altars of the Heart challenges the reader to examine the hidden places of their own heart to confront issues that have stymied their spiritual growth and have blocked them from walking victoriously in every aspect of their lives. April Minger does a wonderful and sensitive job, without being preachy or theological, of showing how the condition of the heart is key to our relationship with God, living and effective fruitful life and our worship. I enjoyed the Chapter 9 “The Mind and Heart Connection”. The mind can hear the Word, but the heart has to believe it and act on it if the Word will have real effect in our lives.

This book is an interesting, with a sound biblical basis , study of how the heart affects every area of our lives. Minger presents the case to take inventory of our hearts, boldly investigate their true conditions, so that we may truly worship God in spirit and in truth and live victoriously, by applying and following biblical solutions


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